10 Reasons You Need Mobile Security

10 Reasons You Need Mobile Security

As a business owner or property manager, you are responsible for helping protect entire communities. There can be several moving parts when securing a piece of land or property. With recent technological advancements, and nearly endless security options one the market, the decision to select the right security posture may seem daunting. 

At GoJoe, our mobile patrol service is different from what you’d typically see in your market. Below are 10 reasons why.

  1. Alertness – GoJoe officers stay vigilant 100% of the time. Mobile Patrols are constantly on the go from one property to the other. There is simply no “down time”. This alertness creates community awareness, which limits the potential for your property to be targeted.
  2. GPS Tracking/Real time reporting – GoJoe Patrols are tracked by GPS and have in-unit camera systems to record what is happening at your property, in real time.  We even record the date and time of each incident. 
  3. A Visible Presence – It’s imperative that security is easily identifiable. A mobile patrol demonstrates a strong visual deterrence with flashing lights, as well as well-marked and branded vehicles that really stand out. Our GoJoe cars have full reflective graphics and are constantly moving throughout your property. This lets everyone know that your property has security on-site.
  4. Economical – A mobile patrol service provides you with a security presence all night long. This type of security usually comes at a much lower cost than a traditional “standing” security presence. 
  5. Familiarity – Once an account has started, GoJoe Mobile Patrol officers become very familiar with your property, people, and situations to really understand what is normal and what simply does not look right.  They do not overreact; they understand patterns and how to navigate around them to find the real issues.
  6. Qualified Officers – A mobile patrol officer has a lot more responsibility driving a company vehicle. Officers working in active, mobile patrols require more training to perform the additional duties required.
  7. Quick Response – Mobile patrol officers can respond quickly to issues if they arise. With multiple GoJoe Patrol vehicles out at night, quick response time is vital to deterring crime and disturbances if called after their scheduled stops.
  8. Unpredictable Patrolling – Just like crime, our mobile patrols are random.  We do not patrol a property at the same time every night.  We keep criminals on their toes because they never know when we might show up.
  9. Ownership and Pride – GoJoe Patrol officers take pride in their routes.  They care deeply about the property and people they protect.  We give them that ownership to insure the best possible outcomes.
  10. Helping our Environment – Every car produces carbon monoxide, which contributes to damaging our ozone and planet.  At GoJoe Patrol, we purchase Carbon Offset credits through our partner, Native Energy, for every mile we drive. This cost is not passed on to our clients; we pay for this.  Carbon offsetting is just something we feel we should be doing to help our environment.

When it comes to your company, land, family, or friends, you want to have certainty in their safety. Mobile security offers the reassurance that you will have the most efficient and effective response to any disturbance, as well as trained guards that have your best interest. With GoJoe patrol we’ve got all your assets covered. 

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