10 Steps to a Protected Construction Site

Photo of construction site with a mounted GoJoe Patrol sign on chainlink fence.

What can you do to keep the employees and equipment at your construction site protected throughout the day and night? These ten steps guide you through several methods and recommendations that lead to a safer workplace for all.

1. Establish a Security Plan

One of the most important steps to keep your construction site safe is to develop a security plan. Map out the area, identify valuable assets and vulnerable points, and develop a strategy to protect them. You can also enlist GoJoe Patrol’s help as a professional security company; we assess your property and make personalized suggestions. Additionally, you can create an emergency plan and ensure each employee knows how to respond.

2. Secure the Perimeter

Establish a perimeter to easily store, track, and protect all valuables and assets. Consider installing fences and gates that will keep your site safe and trespassers out. It will also deter potential trespassers from entering the site.

3. Install Lighting

Keeping your construction site well-lit at night can help improve security. This makes it easier to see any trespassers on the property, and the increased visibility acts as a strong deterrent. If trespassing does occur, lighting also allows bystanders and security cameras to witness any illegal activity and alert the authorities.

4. Lock Valuables Away

Leaving equipment at a construction site is inevitable since constant moving is difficult and expensive. While large pieces of equipment—such as cranes, bulldozers, and partially built structures—cannot be easily stored, smaller items can be locked in shipping containers when not in use.

5. Schedule Deliveries as Needed

Scheduling deliveries as needed minimizes the number of exposed items on site. Avoid ordering in bulk, so materials are not left unused and unattended for extended periods of time. Instead, schedule your deliveries as you need them.

6. Install an Access Control System

Installing a fence around your property along with gated access control will help regulate who enters your construction site. When there are no entrances aside from an access-controlled gate, you can easily monitor activity. Access control systems are valuable tools to maintain site security and keep unwanted visitors at bay.

7. Install Surveillance Systems

A primary way to the promote construction site security is to install cameras. Surveillance cameras monitor entire sites and help protect equipment. If a security incident occurs, the employee monitoring the system can alert the authorities and your security company as quickly as possible.

8. Post Signage

The typical “keep out” and “no trespassing” signs are not always effective at deterring trespassers. However, signs that include a security company logo are highly impactful when accompanied by a surveillance system. For example, a sign with the GoJoe Patrol security logo can help maintain your site’s security.

9. Hire Security

You can also hire security officers like GoJoe Patrol to patrol the property at night. Security officers will not only deter any trespassers but catch them in the act as well. They can also monitor surveillance equipment and operate access control systems. These officers will be highly trained to address any potential threats to your construction site and keep it secure.

10. Conduct a Security Risk Assessment

If your site includes a long-term project, protect your construction site by allowing GoJoe Patrol to perform a security risk assessment. During the assessment, our professionals identify any potential points of access or improvement in the current system setup. They then provide methods to improve these points and keep your property safe.

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