3 Reasons To Hire Armed Guards

hire armed guards

Most businesses and neighborhoods could do with some protection, particularly if the area is crime-ridden or there is a need for people to be out and about at night. Sometimes, it may even make sense to employ armed guards, who have a wider array of tools available to help you stay safe. Let’s have a look at some of the circumstances that could cause you to seek out armed guards for hire.

1. You’re Located In A High-Crime Area 

Many areas can benefit from mobile patrol services, which allow residents or businesses to rest easy, knowing that criminals are likely to be caught in the act. In addition to preventing crime from happening, clearly marked guards and their vehicles can also deter criminals from even attempting to break in. As such, they can make an area safer without having to step in. 

However, simple patrol services aren’t always enough, particularly if an area is especially crime-ridden. In such a location, armed guards might be more suitable because they have a greater range of options when it comes to stopping crime. As well as using their weapons effectively, they can de-escalate a situation, and their presence often prevents people from attempting a violent crime in the first place.

2. You Transport or Guard High-Value Items 

Under normal circumstances, an individual or a small business might not necessarily need to hire armed guards. However, it can be beneficial during key moments in your operations. For example, when you’re transporting high-value items from one location to the next or guarding them at your premises, you might attract unwanted attention. By working with professionals, you can avoid losing money and putting yourself and others at risk. 

3. You’re Undergoing Transition

There are many commercial security solutions available that can protect the business you have built up from becoming a target. Usually, the professionals keeping your assets safe may not carry weapons, but you might consider hiring armed guards during the most sensitive times of your business. For example, if there is local unrest in your area or your business has come under a specific threat, you might consider armed guards for a time. 

Similarly, your workplace may be more exposed at certain times, such as when a half-finished building isn’t fully closed off yet or if storm damage has wrecked doors or windows and compromised your security. You should look to increase the amount of protection you have during such times.

There are a number of circumstances, both personal and professional, that call for armed guards. By contacting a security company, you can find out more about the various solutions available to you and discuss whether you need to employ someone with access to defense weapons. Get in touch with us today at GoJoe Patrol to speak to one of our experts and take advantage of our tailored security solutions.

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