4 Most Common Mobile Patrol Oversights

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A mobile patrol security guard serves a vital role for communities, homes, and businesses. Many patrollers are former police officers or military veterans who have extensive experience in the field. Nevertheless, the civilian patrol environment is wildly different and can lead to mistakes that create more problems than they solve. At GoJoe Patrol, we prevent these through training to provide the best service possible.

1. Becoming Too Predictable

One of the most common mistakes we see when we look at the competition is a tendency to become predictable. Humans love routines. It’s in our blood. But for a mobile patrol guard, routines make you predictable, and predictable equals vulnerable in this business. If a criminal is dead-set on breaking into a building or home, he’ll scope it out for several days hoping to identify patterns.

If your patroller adheres to the same schedule every day, then there’s a clear window of opportunity to strike. We encourage our patrollers to avoid routines and do something different every day. Whether that’s an adjustment to their patrol route, eating lunch at random times, or occasionally showing up with extra force, these little tweaks to the program keep criminals guessing. They’ll move on when they can’t find a reliable time to break in.

2. Underestimating the Enemy

Security professionals are supposed to be confident in their abilities. But overconfidence can lead to thinking that no one could possibly succeed in an attempt to rob the client or their property. That sense of invincibility is dangerous and we always work to stamp it out. When you assume that criminals are smart and on the lookout for any advantage they can gain, it changes the way a patroller sees their work.

It’s easy to assume no one would ever try climbing up to the roof or through the front door in broad daylight. But news articles say otherwise. We share the wildest stories with our staff to remind them that nothing is off-limits when it comes to criminals.

3. Failing to Train

You’ve seen the comically out-of-shape security guard before. Unfortunately, it gives professional mobile security patrollers a bad name, and we’re working to correct it. Our patrollers have to meet stringent physical standards and demonstrate commitment to staying in shape so they can always be ready to respond to a threat. If you can’t pursue and subdue a criminal, then you’re not fit for the position.

4. Overreacting

Another important aspect of training is de-escalation and proper situational awareness. Not every situation needs to be met with maximum force. However, many private security guards come from more stressful backgrounds and are used to responding with greater intensity than many civilian situations require. We train our patrollers to know what actions are appropriate and how to avoid making a messy situation even worse.

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