4 Technology-Driven Professional Security Solutions

4 Technology-Driven Professional Security Solutions

In today’s uncertain world, professional security is more important than ever. The right solution can safeguard what matters most to you, including other family members and/or personal property. But not all providers work as diligently as others. This means you must explore different security solutions to find one that harnesses technology and delivers the most thorough, most adaptable results possible. Here are 4 Technology-Driven Professional Security Solutions that will keep you and your business safe.

1. Mobile Patrol

Mobile patrol guards are always on the move, traversing your property to prevent and identify suspicious behavior. Because of this, they can respond at a moment’s notice and are far more visible than stationary guard shacks or limited-range security cameras. And statistics show properties and communities protected by mobile patrol personnel are less likely to be targeted by criminal activity.

The best mobile patrollers are those who incorporate technology into their jobs. GPS and route management software should be used to ensure your property is thoroughly covered. Equally important, dispatchers should employ up-to-the-minute software that monitors patrol officers and helps the team promptly respond to concerns.

One thing that sets Go Joe’s mobile security apart from the rest is their commitment to you and the environment.  For every patrol mile driven each day, Go Joe offsets them with Carbon Credits.  GoJoe Patrol proudly protects people, property and the planet.  

2. On-Site Security

Besides the peace of mind it offers, on-site security is one of the best ways to safeguard your workplace or community. From one guard to a team, these well-trained professionals can seamlessly integrate with existing security plans to provide total, comprehensive protection. And in leveraging sophisticated technology that helps assess and prevent threats, on-site security staff do more than patrol. Go Joe Patrol protects what’s important to you.

3. Alarm Response

Alarm systems can:

  • Reduce insurance costs
  • Request medical assistance
  • Monitor your children
  • Protect your family

Alarm response at Go Joe is not only secure, but quick and efficient.  We coordinate with alarm companies to respond with the expert touch, developed through 24 years of experience in the security industry. To garner the full benefits afforded by alarm systems, you need one with advanced components – meaning reliable software and dispatchers who work around the clock. This allows responders to move quickly during your time of need. Without these elements, your safety and security may be compromised.

Responders similarly need a suite of technology at their disposal. In-vehicle cameras and real-time GPS data mean no minute is wasted during an emergency. In turn, you can rest easy knowing you and your family, employees, or property are well-cared for morning, noon, and night.

4. Armed Security

Armed security officers form the first line of defense for businesses that deal with precious property, substantial sums of cash, and other sensitive items. This high tech solution can complement any technologically advanced system you already have in place or want to implement.

Armed security guards not only help to prevent financial and emotional loss but also respond quickly to crime. They can even apprehend criminals to ensure justice is served. In this way, they provide the ultimate level of protection and, again, pair perfectly with alarm systems, on-site security, and/or mobile patrol officers.

At Go Joe Patrol, any security solution for your home, property, community, or business can be crafted to meet your exact needs. We employ technology in a way that allows for rapid responses, round-the-clock protection, and monitoring of your entire property. We also remain in touch with you so that in times of emergency, you know you’re covered. Call GoJoe Patrol and build your customized security solution today.

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