4 Ways Armed Security Officers Increase Public Safety

You may know that property owners and businesses often hire private armed security officers to protect their premises from theft and vandalism. But did you realize that armed private security officers can also be hired to increase safety in public spaces as well?

In some parts of the country, high crime is causing problems for both businesses and homeowners. Unfortunately, the police only have so much manpower available. For many busy urban areas, police are taken up with responding to calls, and do not have the ability to patrol. Under these circumstances, it makes sense for businesses and even homeowners in a given area to consider banding together to hire private armed security to provide public safety services in their neighborhoods.

Armed security officers can help maintain order in high-crime areas and deter petty and violent crimes in public spaces. Since having a consistent police presence isn’t practical or even possible, private, armed security guards offer an alternative way to maintain public safety. Armed GoJoe Patrol officers can provide business owners and community members the peace of mind and security they deserve.

1. Security Officers Deter Theft

Armed mobile patrol officers are an asset in parking lots and garages, as they can quickly navigate the rows of cars and monitor a large area effectively. Our patrol officers are also easy to identify and impossible to miss in our branded vehicles. By ensuring officers are visible even in a crowded garage, individuals in need of assistance can find them, and criminals will realize that the property is being monitored by officers who can respond to any mischief.

Armed security guards are especially valuable at night when darkness makes it easier for thieves to accost unsuspecting patrons. In addition, the patrol’s presence deters criminals from breaking into parked cars or mugging people as they walk to and from their vehicles.

2. Armed Patrols Offer Fast Response

While no one wants to consider the possibility of a mass shooter targeting a location they frequent, it’s a real threat that must be considered, as recent news accounts have proven. Any place where groups of people gather has the possibility of being targeted by an individual looking to carry out violence. In an active shooter situation, every minute spent waiting for the police to arrive could result in fatalities.

However, if armed patrol officers are present, they have the ability and firearms training to stop the threat by using lethal force. While armed security doesn’t negate the need for police response, they can address the threat without having to wait for police assistance. GoJoe officers have the training and equipment to engage with the shooter and divert attention away from bystanders. They can also get victims and potential victims to safety and have basic training in first aid to render necessary help.

3. GoJoe Patrol Officers De-Escalate Situations

Many potentially dangerous situations can be managed without force, which is why our armed and unarmed officers are trained in conflict de-escalation. This training allows them to handle volatile situations calmly and professionally.

Armed patrol officers will use their weapons only if the situation demands it. But even the presence of a security officer with a firearm can defuse interpersonal conflicts. While it may seem counterintuitive that having a visible firearm can help with de-escalation, the reality is that it is extremely effective. Individuals who may be inclined to engage in violence often catch themselves up and think twice when they know they are being confronted by a guard capable of stopping them with deadly force if they lose control.

4. Armed Guards Provide Protection in High-Crime Areas

When public resources such as libraries and parks are located in high-crime areas, it can be challenging for community members to enjoy them. Private armed security guards can keep parks and other public spaces from becoming overrun with illegal activities simply by being present. If a crime or accident occurs, they can handle the situation until emergency services arrive.

If you think that your community or business would benefit from the presence of armed security guards, our team is ready to discuss how we can provide the safety solutions you need. Reach out to GoJoe Patrol today.

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