5 Reasons to Hire Guards Trained in de-Escalation Techniques

De-escalating a situation means heading off the opportunity for a disagreement or conflict to erupt into a violent confrontation. Sadly, these kinds of situations are not just confined to bar-rooms or political protests, but can happen anywhere, including within homes, schools, and, what is more common in recent years, places of business. 

For that reason, business owners should consider hiring GoJoe Patrol officers trained in de-escalation techniques to provide security services. Here are some of the benefits of having someone who knows how to de-escalate tense situations working in your place of business.

1. People Will Remain Calm

A certain amount of conflict is a normal part of business, and there are always differences of opinion when many people work with one another. It may not even be the business situation itself that creates tension: a customer or employee may be having a bad day or experiencing stress from some other source–a domestic dispute, a health issue, or some other problem. Most of the time, these issues can be resolved, but occasionally, an employee or customer might become aggressive. In such a situation, having an officer trained in de-escalation can be critical.

The first step for the patrol officer will be to create a calm atmosphere by approaching a troublesome individual or individuals in a non-confrontational way. The officer will quietly step into the middle of the situation and redirect attention to himself or herself as a neutral third party, disrupting that party’s ability to confront the target of his or her anger. Our uniformed officers know how to listen well, and to speak in an understanding and friendly tone of voice so that angry or excited parties can regain their equilibrium. Our officers are also trained in recognizing behaviors that indicate whether a person is seriously troubled, and who may warrant more assertive intervention.

2. You Won’t Lose Business 

Uniformed officers are very effective as deterrents to criminals and to anyone who wants to cause trouble. Similarly, an officer trained in de-escalation techniques can deter problems by recognizing early warning signs of when a situation may turn violent. Sometimes, even small disputes can rapidly get out of hand, and an officer will intervene long before the situation degrades. In other words, the best way to “de-escalate” is to prevent escalation in the first place.

And that is a benefit for your business. If your place of business never experiences serious interpersonal conflicts because potential threats never materialize, no one will even notice it. That is a much better scenario than if your customers and employees have stories to tell about a disruption at your business that narrowly avoided being a disaster. Because stories have a way of getting embellished, you want to be sure that your reputation and standing in the community are not tarnished. Customers and employees will avoid businesses where trouble brews.

3. You Won’t Have to Deal with Lawsuits and Complaints 

We live in a litigious society, and people can sue businesses for a wide variety of reasons. If one of your customers or employees gets injured or experiences property damage as a result of a disturbance in your store or workplace, you could be facing a lawsuit or, at the very least, a complaint that may cost you money to resolve. Hiring on-site security can be one of the best ways of preventing situations that lead to complaints and lawsuits. Quick action can shield you from liability.

4. You Will Improve Your Customer Service 

A patrol officer’s main job is to prevent crime and keep people safe, but someone trained in de-escalation techniques can also perform additional duties. For instance, your officer can help in other types of emergencies, such as an accident, or a customer experiencing a health crisis. They can also make sure that your customers and employees feel safe at all times, such as when they have to walk out to a dark parking lot at night.

5. Significantly Increase the Speed of Your Response

When there is a problem at your store or office, you’ll want to react as fast as possible to prevent it from getting out of hand. If you have to call the police, it might take them 20 minutes or longer to arrive on scene. But when a highly trained security officer is on-site, the response time is almost instantaneous, and they are already aware of what has happened.

Hiring a patrol officer trained in de-escalation techniques is a great way to ensure the safety of your business. Get in touch with GoJoe Patrol in Spokane today to learn more about our comprehensive business security solutions. We are more than happy to discuss your options and to help you find a security patrol officer who meets your needs.

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