5 Vulnerabilities That Can Be Solved with Professional Security

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Now is a good time to ask how strong your building security is. Business owners are responsible for ensuring assets, team members, and sensitive information are properly protected. Even if you haven’t had security issues in the past, you never know what the future will bring. With this in mind, it’s likely time to meet with a professional security provider.

When it comes to security vulnerabilities at your business, one of the most obvious concerns is outdated security equipment. Technology, especially security technology, has substantially improved in the last five to 10 years. To illustrate, video surveillance systems of old deliver little more than low-quality, low-resolution images that require you to sit and watch the footage. Today’s systems can be accessed from anywhere and are incredibly high in resolution.

Even mobile patrol services now take advantage of new technology. They use GPS tracking and route management software for randomized patrol. This prevents potential criminals from “guessing” where the patrol car will be on a certain night and at a certain time. Such systems provide more comprehensive security for your building.

Unsecured Windows and Door Gaps

If the space around your building’s windows is not secure, you’ve unwittingly created a potential security breach. Burglars are adept at bypassing door alarm systems by breaking glass. An internal security system can safeguard your assets and makes more economic sense than purchasing all new commercial windows.

Double doors on warehouses and office buildings often show wide gaps between the doors and at the floor. Savvy criminals know how to take advantage by:

  • Slipping an object through the gap
  • Triggering any motion sensors that are in place
  • Unlocking the doors
  • Entering the building

Easy Solutions to a Serious Problem

On-site security personnel standing prominently at entrance and exit doors can prevent such activity and make your employees feel safer as well. A monitored alarm system can also ensure responders are immediately dispatched if the alarm is triggered.

Improper Staff Training

All the security measures in the world cannot protect your building or business if staff members don’t understand the overarching system. It’s crucial you take the time to train staff members so they know the proper security precautions to take in any situation.

Lack of Threat Assessments

Intruders continually develop new ways to access buildings. Many business owners, however, implement a security system and never give it another thought. Conducting a thorough security assessment of the building and surroundings every year allows you to identify and address new vulnerabilities. This assessment should include:

  • A review of all entry and exit points
  • Verification the building has ample lighting throughout
  • A look at all cameras to ensure views are unimpeded
  • An examination of outdoor fencing and protective barriers

Parking Lot Insecurities

Property and personal crimes occur every day in parking lots and garages. These areas tend to be unsecured, dark, and sufficiently separated from the building. Such qualities open the door for burglaries, vandalism, and motor vehicle theft. You can combat this, and create a safer external environment, with security guards trained to safeguard property and people.

Absence of Perimeter Security

A property’s perimeter is the first line of defense when it comes to security. It’s also one of the most overlooked areas as many business owners focus more on safeguarding their buildings rather than the surrounding grounds. The absence of a secure perimeter, however, makes a building more vulnerable to criminal activity. This can be easily corrected with onsite security, mobile patrol services, or even armed guards who monitor the property’s boundaries.

Don’t take chances with your building’s vulnerabilities. Protect windows and doors, monitor parking areas, and take advantage of updated technology to keep your business moving forward. Even better, choose a professional who can streamline these activities for you. Contact GoJoePatrol today and explore your security options. 

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