7 Common Security Guard Duties

security guard duties

There are many advantages to working with professional security personnel to secure your property, but what exactly do you get when you hire a security guard? Here are just some of the responsibilities you can expect a guard to take on to help with the smooth operations of your business or organization.

1. Vigilant Watch for Suspicious Behavior

The first duty of a security officer is to observe and report, giving you an extra set of eyes that monitors everything going on at your property. Their training helps them recognize the signs of suspicious behavior, helping them to keep track of any potential criminal activity that may be occurring on the premises.

2. Visible Deterrence to Criminal Activity

Along with their observational skills, the mere presence of competent, professional on-site guards creates an environment that discourages crime from occurring in the first place. Anyone who comes to your property with malicious intent will think twice when they see watchful security officers on the premises. People who become belligerent will also reconsider their actions in many cases when faced with consequences from security officers.

3. Maintaining Order and Crowd Control Duties

If you don’t take the proper steps to ensure orderly procedures are followed, large crowds in a confined area can quickly devolve into chaos. Trained security officers know how to conduct themselves and provide direction to a crowd, standing as the barrier against those chaotic situations that arise when you lose control of a crowd.

4. Monitoring Access to Properties

As part of their duties in overseeing the flow of crowds, guards can take responsibility for controlling who gets to access a property or a specific part of a property. For example, if you have a part of your business that is limited to VIP or other select clients, security personnel can help to identify these clients and ensure the procedures you have in place are followed.

5. Reporting and Administrative Duties

While security in the present moment is a guard’s first priority, there is also a need to maintain a clear record of information gathered and the procedures followed. This ensures that all the protocols that are in place are standardized and can be followed at all times. Strong organizational skills also help to make information accessible at a later date.

6. Clear and Efficient Communication with Authorities

Trained security personnel also act as a go-between with police, EMS, and other emergency services. With their ability to remain calm and their thorough observational and reporting skills, they’ll be able to keep authorities informed of any situation at your property.

7. Provide Help in Crisis and Emergency Situations

With the proper training and mindset on their side, trained security officers know how to act calmly under pressure so that they can respond as needed when a crisis unfolds. Their wealth of knowledge will help to navigate difficult or dangerous situations confidently, making the difference when it comes to getting you through safely.

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