7 Questions to Ask When Hiring Private Security

7 questions to ask when hiring private security

When you decide to hire a private security company, it’s important to ensure that the company you hire will provide you with optimum service. So how do you find out whether the help that you need is the help you are going to get? We at GoJoe Patrol think that the following list of questions will assist you in finding the right company to protect you and your property.

1. Do They Have the Proper Licensing?

Every state has licensing requirements for companies that provide private security services, and especially services that provide armed guards. Consequently, the first question you need to ask is whether the company has all the proper licenses, and if they are up to date. 


This, at a minimum, will tell you whether the security firm you are thinking of hiring is well-established and properly accredited. Further, make sure the security personnel have all the necessary training and licensing required to demonstrate their individual competency and capacity to carry out their duties.

2. Is The Company Insured?

Providing private security services involves the risk of injury or death to both security personnel as well as anyone confronted by security personnel. One important reason to hire an outside security firm is to shift the risk of legal liability away from yourself or your company in the event someone or something gets harmed. But this will only be the case if the security firm you hire has the right type and level of insurance to cover this risk. To avoid legal exposure, find out if the firm you are considering has the proper insurance coverage to handle any potential problems.

3. How Are Their Patrol Officers Trained?

Different types of patrol officers have different kinds of training, so you want to be sure that the officers you’re hiring have the skills that you’re looking for. For example, you may need officers properly trained with a firearm or officers trained in mobile patrol strategies. Make sure the security patrol officers you hire know how to provide the services you need.

4. What Is the Cost of Services?

Financial considerations should be taken into account when making any business decision, and hiring security officers is no exception. A reputable security firm will not hesitate to give you hard numbers on a price quote, telling you exactly what you can expect from the fees you are being asked to pay. When you get a quote, shop around and compare quotes from different firms, to enable you to get the most value and protection for your money.

5. Do They Have Experience in Your Industry?

The security needs of any business are often unique. Site security for a lumber yard will be very different than site security for a law firm, and both are very different from patrolling neighborhoods or providing security for a one-time event. Ask the firm you’re considering whether they have ever provided security services for a business similar to your own. If they have, they should be able to provide references, and they also might have some additional security insights that can give you added assurances that they are the right firm for you.

6. How Are The Officers Managed and Supervised?

Leadership is absolutely essential in a security situation. Ask about the chain of command that a security firm uses to see that they have a clear structure for giving and receiving orders. Competent leadership and obedience will make all the difference if you need to call on your patrol officers in an emergency situation.

7. Has The Company Ever Been Sued for Negligence?

You want a company that has a proven track record of providing high-quality security solutions. Finding out that the firm you’re considering has been sued for neglecting their duties in the past can be a big red flag. On the other hand, finding positive customer reviews can indicate to you that the firm you are considering has met the needs of previous customers.


When you are prepared to pay for private security rather than rely on public safety services, you want to make sure that you get the most benefit for your money. If you are looking for a quality firm that provides highly-trained and professional patrol officers, contact GoJoe Patrol today.

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