7 Security Oversights That Leave You Unprotected

7 Security Oversights That Leave You Unprotected

As an owner of a large property or company site, there can be several components demanding your attention. Whether you just started your business or have been up and running for 20 years, safety and security should be top priorities. Taking the time to assess your own security plan, and see what you may have missed is a valuable way to approach your company & property safety. 

Help reduce your chances of a security breach by checking to see if you’ve overlooked any of the areas below. 

  • Lack of Staff Training

For any business owner there are a lot of bases to cover for safety. Whether it’s medical or evacuation training, there should be a heavy focus for educating your staff on the proper safety measures in place.Taking the time for staff training is a great way to instill confidence in each individual and help create a better awareness for what to do if an emergency strikes. Go Joe develops and implements an exclusive training program that far exceeds state minimum requirements. Every officer we employ is also fully vetted to ensure we’re entrusting your security to only the best. 

  • Door and Window Gaps

Some of the most forgotten areas of safety can simply be leaving a door unlocked or a window cracked open. If you don’t have a proper security system in place, then it’s even more important that you pay attention to these areas. There are a lot of moving parts during the day-to-day of a business or home, but leaving doors or windows open can rapidly increase your chances of a break in. Be sure to either designate someone or personally take time at the end of each day to make sure the perimeter is secure. Adding alarm response services can help ensure your points of entry are secure, even when you’re not around.

  • Outdated Security Postures

Sadly, in today’s world, several businesses are realizing that they need more than just a stationary guard at their front entrance. With how large and advanced the security world has gotten, there are just some methods that have been outgrown. Depending on the size of your company, it’s a good idea to research other types of security that have gained popularity in recent years. For instance, mobile security guards have become increasingly sought after, and for good reason. With a mobile patrol, you are securing a larger area and also have the reassurance knowing trained guards are moments away. 


  • Unmonitored Security Systems

If you’re a company or large site owner with a security camera and/or lock system, then it’s important you have the appropriate oversight for video recordings and lock checks. Having people designated to monitor your security system creates a safety net, and can help relieve your mind. There’s also the decision of having on site security guards. Being able to respond to criminal activity or emergencies right away can make a huge difference in potential damages. If you are unable or don’t want an on site armed security guard, then be sure to find a security system that automatically notifies authorities when there’s a threat. 

  • Outdated Security Systems

It’s no secret that the security tech world is evolving more than ever, offering you the highest chance of safety. Be sure to check your current security cameras and systems level of function. Maybe you have a camera that needs replacing? There would be nothing worse than having a security breach and not being able to effectively record the activity. It’s also a good idea to have a designated time of year to check these security functions so that you can continually help deter and protect against criminal activity at your site. 

  • Not Implementing Evacuation Plans

No one thinks the worst will happen until it does. Be sure to help your staff prepare for the worst by implementing proper training and visuals for evacuation plans. Whether it’s a fire or an armed break in, there should be different routes to safety. Simply being aware of the nearest exits and stairs can help eliminate an already chaotic situation. Be sure to prioritize this with your staff and especially new hires so that they feel confident knowing the building and company site layout for evacuation. 

  • Lack of Lighting

Another overlooked safety measure can simply come down to lighting. Whether it’s your back entrance for employees or a poorly lit area outside on the company site, take the time to assess the building’s vulnerable areas. Implementing proper lighting can even help deter criminal activity, and if you have invested in security cameras, then you are creating a stronger visual to pick up anything going wrong. 


A proper safety plan can be very dynamic and take time to create, but this should always be a high priority for any business. We are all human and mistakes happen, but overlooking safety precautions should not happen. Having an emergency checklist every 6-12 months to check in on your equipment, lighting, and training for staff can also help you stay safe. Help new employees feel confident when starting at your company site by making training and education of evacuation plans part of the onboarding process. And with new security options and evolving technology, there’s never been a more attainable time for safety. 

For more than 21 years, Go Joe Patrol has been providing peace of mind to our communities through security solutions that set a higher standard. To us, security isn’t synonymous with out-of-touch officers or tough-guy attitudes. It’s about looking after your assets as if they were our own. Contact us for a security assessment of your property today!

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