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GoJoe Patrol is staffed by the finest security patrolmen available. Each member is scrutinized thoroughly, must pass a detailed background check, and is put through the paces of challenging mental and physical fitness tests. We don’t hire wimps, mama’s boys, or law-enforcement wannabes. GoJoe mobile patrolmen are the cream of the crop. GoJoe Patrol is where committed mobile patrolmen want to work. But we don’t admit just anyone into our ranks.

Our patrolmen and dispatch staff are able to focus on one thing only: observing and protecting your property. We don’t offer event security, stationary night watchmen, or mall cops. Mobile security patrol is all we do. And we think you'll find that we do it very well.

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To get started on the path to mobile security, contact us at:

GoJoe Patrol
7011 E Trent, Suite 102
Spokane, WA  99212

t. 509.893.9151
f. 509.893.9157

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Security Guard with Walkie-Talkie
Security Guard with Flashlight