Armed Guards And Their Tools

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Security guards are an essential part of securing your business or organization from any number of potential threats. In certain industries or situations that face a heightened threat level, fully-equipped armed guards are the best assurance you can find that you and your property will be kept safe. But what equipment is essential for a security guard to fulfill their duties? Check out some of the tools of the trade below to educate yourself about this critical component of security.

High-Visibility Uniform

Being easily recognizable can help you and anyone who may be on the premises easily identify a security officer at a glance, but this uniform also provides a deterrent to criminals by letting them know a qualified security professional is on duty. GoJoe’s reputable branding in the Spokane area gives further credibility to their presence.


In order for guards to see in any situation, it’s imperative that they carry a high-quality flashlight. Even for guards working the day shift, a flashlight can be an essential tool in the event of a power failure or any situation that requires them to go into low-visibility areas.

Defense Equipment

Strong security solutions depend on properly equipping guards to protect themselves. Depending on the nature of the situations they’ll be facing, security personnel may carry a baton, pepper spray, a taser, or other protection devices.

Digital Camera

Guards should carry a camera with them to document the situations they face in case this documentation needs to be used as evidence later down the line. This is especially true if guards will be working in areas that aren’t under video surveillance. Thankfully, our mobile vehicles are equipped with leading edge technology by way of GPS cameras with real-time incident detection and automated reporting through our technology leading RevSuite platform.

Utility Belt

One thing that may be overlooked when equipping guards is making sure they can conveniently carry all of their gear. A belt with pouches and slots for everything they’ll be carrying helps your guards do their job efficiently.

Communications Technology

Staying in constant communication is a critical component of working security. In most cases, the primary means of communication will be over radio walkie-talkie. However, every security guard should also have access to a cell phone in order to call anybody outside the radio system if needed.  GoJoe prides itself on using superior technology in the field. Our Silvertrac in-field reporting software sets us apart from the competition.

The equipment listed here will give you some idea of what equipment is necessary for quality security guards to do their job. If you want officers with the highest standard of training and equipment, our company can help. Contact GoJoe Patrol today to discuss professional security solutions for your business.

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