GoJoe Patrol is not your typical mobile security company

Beyond keeping your property safe and secure, Joe is interested in making sure that our vehicle emissions don't contribute to air quality issues or climate change. But there's no way we're going to drive around in Nissan Leaf or Toyota Insight hybrids.

GoJoe Patrol’s fleet consists of cool Camaros and Chevrolet Malibus. The performance of these vehicles helps everyone (except criminals) breathe easier. And unlike some mobile patrol service's "clown cars", no one scoffs at GoJoe's Camaros. They are mean looking. Our patrol vehicles and the graphics on them send one message: Don't mess with Joe. Criminals will never know that there's a fuel-efficient V6 under the hood.

Sure, we put a lot of road miles under our tires. There’s no denying that our patrolmen drive for a living. That’s the nature of the mobile patrol business. But with our vehicles and the help of carbon offset credits, Joe's concern for the environment isn't left in the dust.

The smallest carbon footprint

To offset any hit to the environment, Joe has committed the company to reducing our carbon footprint through the purchase of carbon-offset credits.

These credits mitigate our greenhouse gas emissions. In 2008, about $705 million of carbon offsets were purchased in the voluntary market, representing about 123.4 million metric tons of CO2 reductions. While GoJoe Patrol can’t claim all of that for ourselves, we are proud to use our credits to assist energy efficiency projects, the reduction of industrial pollutants, the destruction of landfill methane, and the promotion of renewable energy projects.

The utilization of fossil fuels is part of what it takes to provide mobile security patrols. But by hiring GoJoe Patrol for your mobile security needs, you can feel good knowing that the miles we drive to protect your property is offset by financial contributions to organizations and projects that would make Woodsy Owl smile.

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