Daytime Security: Do You Need It?

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With break-ins and violent crime on the rise in most parts of the U.S., maintaining the safety of our homes and businesses is more challenging than ever before. Setting an overnight alarm is simply not enough these days – the reality is that our properties and personal safety are potentially at risk 24/7, making daytime security an absolute must.

Round-the-Clock Commercial and Residential Security

It’s a commonly held myth that we are in more danger at night. Statistics show that many crimes are just as likely to happen during the day. A recent study by the federal government found that more than half of thefts, larcenies, assaults, and property crimes in American cities occur between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Not addressing this reality can leave our businesses, property assets, and employees vulnerable.

Thankfully there are now many security options in addition to alarm systems (which might not be practical during the day when there are customers and employees coming and going). Whether in a commercial or residential setting, mobile patrols and on-site security are great options for ensuring the complete safety of your surroundings.

Mobile Security Patrol vs. Onsite Security

Having an on-site security guard to watch over your property is of course a great option, and often a necessary one if you have a larger commercial operation. However, hiring a mobile security service is a more affordable alternative that also provides proven results. With crime rates sharply on the rise, mobile security patrols are becoming an increasingly popular way to safeguard commercial and residential business properties.

If you have more than one property to keep an eye on, the mobile option allows a security guard to travel between sites, which can be a very cost-effective and practical security solution. Another advantage of mobile security is that it not only guards the parameters of your property but can also pinpoint potential threats in the surrounding area.

Researching your Options for Daytime Security

Whether you select an on-site security guard or a mobile patrol, it’s important to do your research to ensure you are working with a reputable security provider. It is always recommended that you use a security company that thoroughly screens and trains its officers, and which has a proven track record of success when it comes to ensuring the safety of its clients and their properties. 

GoJoe Patrol can provide a customized security plan and bid for every situation.  All sites are different and we want a sustainable plan that is best for you.  Call us today, it’s easy and free!

A Small Price to Pay for Peace of Mind

Establishing extra security during daytime hours might be an added expense for your business, but it is well worth it for the peace of mind it provides. The costs associated with even one break-in or act of vandalism can be significant, so the expense of added security can pay for itself many times over. Most importantly, having a strong security plan in place gives your entire team the assurance that they are working in a safe and secure environment.

GoJoe Patrol can provide a customized security plan and bid for every situation.  All sites are different and we want a sustainable plan that is best for you.  Call us today – it’s easy and free!

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