Do You Need a Night Guard for Your Commercial Building

There are numerous reasons why having a night guard at your business is a wise decision. Even if your business feels secure during the day, it could become vulnerable to crime during the lonely midnight hours. The National Institution of Justice has found that most vandalism occurs overnight when businesses are closed or operating with fewer employees. However, having a security guard present overnight will prevent criminal activity and protect your assets.

Is a Night Security Guard Right for You?

If you are wondering about the advisability of hiring a night guard, GoJo Patrol can help you think through the types of scenarios in which it might be suitable. Listed below are some situations that might qualify your home or business for extra security. 

You Have Valuable Assets On-Site

If you run a business that requires you to keep valuable items on your property, overnight monitoring can prevent you from dealing with the hassle of a break-in and robbery. Jewelry stores, pawn shops, and businesses with expensive equipment will all be on the radar of any criminal looking to get the biggest haul possible for their efforts.

You Have Current (or Past) Issues

If you have been dealing with theft and vandalism, it’s time to call a professional. When you call GoJoe Patrol, our highly-trained officers protect your business, and they can also perform a security audit on your property. This audit will evaluate your site to determine areas of weakness and help you create a plan to correct any areas that need improvement.

While you may be tempted to try to chase away criminals with no-trespassing signs and fencing, these methods are typically ineffective when dealing with an established problem. Certain locations can become regular haunts for unsavory characters. Once your property has been noted as an easy mark or hangout, it will take a professional security presence to make it clear that you no longer tolerate trespassing, vandalism, or theft.  

You Receive Overnight Deliveries

If you run a restaurant or retail store that gets overnight deliveries, having security on-site protects the delivery drivers, employees, and your orders. When you have a guard working overnight, they can maintain an entry and exit log and ensure your deliveries are protected if they are delivered and no workers are present.

Although you could delegate monitoring overnight deliveries and property access to one of your staff, it will take them away from other tasks and potentially put them in danger. GoJoe Patrol guards have extensive training and are comfortable navigating situations that would put the average person on edge. Hiring professional security allows your employees to focus on their jobs instead of trying to step into a role they aren’t equipped to handle.

Your Property Is Large

The larger your property is, the more enticing it will be to individuals looking to commit crimes or loiter. While cameras are a fantastic way to catch criminals after the fact, they don’t always prevent crime.

An overnight officer will patrol your property, monitor your video systems, and inspect your business for vulnerability. Their presence will reduce the risks of experiencing a break-in at your property and allow you to feel more relaxed knowing your property is being monitored.

Find Skilled Security Guards Near You

While technology such as cameras and alarm systems can serve as a deterrent, these items are not as effective as the presence of a security officer. When would-be criminals see that your property is being patrolled, they will move on to an easier target.

Your security needs may be clearly defined or require a customized security solution depending on the type of business you have. If you’d like to discuss your options for overnight security, we would love to talk to you. Call GoJoe Patrol and find out how our guards can keep your business safe from theft and vandalism at any time of the day.

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