Does Your Office Building Need Private Armed Security?

Just a few decades ago, the idea that you would have to hire armed security patrol officers to monitor your office building to protect your workforce and customers would have seemed uncommonly paranoid or overprotective. Today, unfortunately, it is a very valid consideration to many businesses. To meet this new reality, GoJoe Patrol offers armed security services to private businesses. We know how to make your employees feel safe without causing undue distraction in the workplace. 

While there are many reasons your business may need security patrol officers, such as if your office is located in an area of town that experiences high rates of criminal activity, other reasons may not be so easy to identify. Here are a few circumstances that can help you to determine whether armed security is the right choice for your workplace.

General Public Access

If there are businesses in your building that offer products or services to the public, armed security may be warranted. If anybody can enter your building without checking in or going through a screening process, you have no way of knowing what their intentions are. To protect your employees, an armed patrol officer on-site may be the solution to deterring a bad actor from trying anything. In addition, your patrol officer will regularly check the building, and will notice any suspicious individuals or if things just do not seem right. A patrol officer gives your personnel peace of mind, knowing that, if something does go awry, there is someone on the scene who can handle it.

Expensive Equipment

Another situation that may prompt you to consider private armed security is if your building contains expensive products or equipment. When you don’t have adequate security, high-value items that are portable and sellable are, unfortunately, an invitation to crime. And while cameras and alarms are helpful, they are often only useful in letting you know that something has already happened. A smash-and-grab burglar can get in and out of a building in a few minutes. An armed guard can offer protection around the clock, and can respond to an alarm or break-in in record time. What is more, an armed patrol officer is an effective deterrent. 

GoJoe Patrol also offers mobile patrol services that can provide round-the-clock monitoring of a building’s perimeter and parking lot. Mobile patrol officers provide additional protection to your employees, by keeping their vehicles from being broken into and keeping them safe when they need to access the parking lot at night. 

High Traffic In and Out of Your Building

Another factor to consider is the amount of foot-traffic coming in and out of your building. Even if the businesses in your building are not open to the general public, that is no guarantee that no one in the building is a safety risk, particularly if it is a large building with multiple businesses.

GoJoe armed patrol officers are trained in responding to all types of threats, in de-escalating hostile situations and, when necessary, in using any force necessary to protect themselves and others from imminent physical harm. 

Police Response Time

If you have to rely on police for emergency response, they may arrive too late to prevent disaster. This is particularly true where high crime means that officers may not be available to respond to every call. When a threat presents itself, you need help in seconds, not minutes. With armed security on-site, your staff can count on a highly-trained professional to turn to and to protect them.

Hire GoJoe Patrol Security Officers for Your Office Building

Providing your employees with the safest workplace possible can be achieved by hiring armed security guards to monitor your building. At GoJoe Patrol, we can schedule a complete security assessment of your building to help you understand where your office is most vulnerable, and come up with a plan that will give you and your staff peace of mind. Contact GoJoe Patrol today and find out how we can protect your business and your most valuable asset: your personnel.

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