Earth Day 2022: Our Commitment To The Environment

protecting the environment

GoJoe Patrol’s primary business is to provide security for businesses, neighborhoods, and events, protecting lives and property from crime and vandalism.  But at GoJoe, we have taken the idea of protecting you and your property to another level. Earth Day 2022 is the perfect time to remind everyone about our carbon offset programs to make sure that we protect everyone’s home: our beautiful planet.

Carbon Emissions Are Everyone’s Responsibility

When people talk about “carbon” with respect to the environment, they are actually talking about carbon dioxide, a “greenhouse gas”.  That is, carbon dioxide has the effect, when present in concentrated quantities, of holding and retaining heat in the atmosphere.  Consequently, many organizations and even nations are taking steps to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide they produce in an effort to reduce the warming effects of carbon emissions–warming effects that may have adverse consequences for our planet.

Carbon dioxide emissions come from a number of sources, including industrial processes and the burning of fossil fuels such as petroleum and coal. And while some carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is not only normal but necessary for the greening of our planet, too much carbon dioxide may, in the long run, lead to serious environmental damage. The health of our planet – as well as the people, plants, and animals who depend on it – is important to us.

In carrying out our work of patrolling neighborhoods and businesses, the vehicles our mobile patrol officers drive contribute to carbon dioxide emissions.  And while we need to use these vehicles to do our jobs well, we take our responsibility toward the environment seriously.  Consequently, in partnership with Native, we purchase carbon offsets to compensate for the emissions we produce.

How Do Carbon Offsets Work?

Not every business can undertake independent activities to offset their carbon emissions–such as by planting trees and undertaking reforestation projects.  Consequently, there are organizations, such as our partner Native, that enable companies like GoJoe to offset carbon production by partnering with other organizations that undertake carbon offset projects in other locations–sometimes halfway across the world!

Many of these projects–such as the restoration of forests and grasslands–need funding from businesses like GoJoe.  These projects create ”carbon sinks” that can absorb some of the excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.  That is, because plants need carbon dioxide to grow, restoring rainforests, for example, can essentially use up the carbon dioxide in our atmosphere to reduce the effect of emissions, and thereby counteract the warming effects of too much carbon in our atmosphere.

GoJoe is Committed to You and to Your Environment

GoJoe prides itself on bringing to our customers and clients peace of mind, knowing that their families, homes, and businesses are safe and secure, 24/7.  They can have confidence that GoJoe will be there to protect them and help them when we are needed

But peace of mind can take many forms, including knowing that GoJoe is doing its part to ensure we and our customers will all be able to enjoy the benefits of our most important property: planet Earth.

At GoJoe, protecting the environment is part of our commitment to protecting you.  For all of your security needs for home, neighborhood, business, and events, contact GoJoe Patrol today.


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