Five Things Needed For Night Security Patrols

If you’re tired of spending sleepless nights worrying about whether someone is breaking into your property when you’re not there, it’s time to consider hiring night security. At GoJoe Patrol, we understand how much your business’s success can depend upon protecting your office and inventory from theft and vandalism. We offer night-time security patrol services, and our patrol officers have the specialized training and tools necessary to provide your business with the protection you need. Here are some of the essential tools our patrol officers use in performing their duties.

1. An Easily Recognized GoJoe Patrol Uniform

There’s a reason why the uniforms our guards wear are so distinct, and it isn’t about making a fashion statement. Security service is about more than just catching would-be intruders in the act, it’s also about deterring them entirely.

While some security jobs may call for a more subtle approach, when it comes to night security, it’s best to make it clear that your property is being patrolled. Most criminals will avoid areas where security is present, and a guard in a high-visibility uniform makes it readily apparent your property is being monitored. Our easy-to-spot uniforms also help police and other observers distinguish between people who are supposed to be on-site, and those who may be up to suspicious activity.

2. GPS & Route Management

GoJoe night patrol officers completing mobile patrols use our advanced vehicle GPS tracking and route management software to ensure we thoroughly cover your property. This enables us to identify weak points in your security profile and maintain a comprehensive presence around the area.

3. Defensive Equipment

While all of our guards complete extensive de-escalation training, situations may occasionally occur that require the use of defensive weapons. Every encounter is different, and our unarmed guards are prepared appropriately. Protective items such as pepper spray, a taser, or a baton are items a guard may carry, depending upon the job assignment.

Because some locations require the presence of an armed guard to ensure safety, we provide both armed and unarmed night patrol services. Armed guards carry firearms during their patrols. Our armed patrol officers are extensively trained in the practical and legal use of firearms, and are available to offer heightened security services for individuals or businesses that anticipate more significant threats to their property. If you are unsure whether your situation would benefit from an armed guard, our team is happy to help you assess your needs.

4. A Tactical Flashlight

Even if their job is to patrol a building that remains lit overnight, a flashlight is still essential for night patrol officers. They need to be prepared for every possible situation, whether it requires investigating an unlit portion of a building or property, conducting a search operation for a suspect or victim, or maintaining property security during a power outage.

5. Reliable Communications Devices

To be optimally effective, security patrol team members need to remain in close contact with one another so that all areas of the property are routinely covered with minimal overlap and nothing missed. Keeping multiple officers connected and coordinated in the event something happens can be accomplished with an advanced communications system.

From high-tech walkie-talkies that allow night officers to communicate easily and clearly with one another to our incident-reporting software that allows for seamless information-sharing, our patrol officers are well-equipped to protect your assets. Additionally, all of our officers carry cell phones to contact emergency services or off-site team members when needed.

Don’t spend one more night worrying about the safety of your property. Allow our trained, experienced, and well-equipped night patrol officers to protect your property. Focus your energy on operating your business, with confidence in the knowledge that your property is protected. If you have questions about which security services would benefit your business call GoJoe Patrol today. We’ll help you find your ideal security solution.

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