Why Franchise with GoJoe Patrol?

Benefits for You and Your Community

Putting you on the path to business ownership is easy with GoJoe Patrol. Our proven system has been meticulously developed over 24 years in the security industry by business owners who know how to get results.

For you, franchising with GoJoe Patrol is an opportunity to build a client-focused business, in an industry that’s seeing explosive growth, and turn your dreams of entrepreneurship into reality. For your community, having you in the driver’s seat of a leading security franchise means no more worrying about their property and no more wondering where to turn when the need for security finally sets in.

Joe Gives You the Goods to Be Your Own Boss

All of our franchise owners enjoy powerful advantages over others in the field. At GoJoe Patrol, we don’t just hand you a flashlight and expect you to figure it out. We give you a total business plan, expertly built from the ground up, to make the most of an essential industry.

  • Our Strong History is Here for You

    We’ve been providing security solutions for more than 24 years, starting with only two officers and a dream. We’re excited to share the secrets that have helped us build our success and give you the tools you need to take on your own business goals.

  • RevSuite

    Our System Raises the Standard

    We weren’t satisfied with the typical technology and training that other security franchises use, so we took it all to new levels. You’ll benefit from the security industry’s latest and greatest systems, and you’ll also get one-on-one personal training, tailored to you and your needs. RevSuite helps make running a business more efficient than you ever thought possible.

  • Security Services Are in High Demand

    Everyone wants to feel safe and that can seem harder and harder to achieve these days. The desire for security is never going away and our franchise owners are trained to secure and assist the wide variety of clients who are searching for security services.

  • The Industry is on the Rise

    Just as there’s a need for security in your local community, the entire security industry is rapidly expanding, reaching nearly $40B in the United States alone. Police departments nationwide are being diminished, so now is the time to get in on this valuable and rewarding business.

  • Low Investment, Highly Rewarding

    A GoJoe Patrol franchise can be an affordable way to own a business while providing an essential service to your community. With no office space required to start and simple operations, you could be on your way to owning a security franchise before you can say, “Go, Joe!”

Join a Different Kind of Security Franchise

Along with the benefits to your personal goals and your wallet, franchising with GoJoe Patrol can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Every day, you’ll be involved in your community, protecting it from crime and vandalism and truly helping it thrive. You’ll engage with your neighbors, communicate with them about their needs and help alleviate their fears.

Another way we stand out in our industry is our commitment to the environment.  Our vehicles, like every gas-powered car on the road, emit greenhouse gases, including our newest Hybrid models. So, we’ve chosen to help fund projects that are targeted at reducing the impact our vehicles create by purchasing carbon offsets through our Partner, Native Energy, at both the corporate & franchise locations. It’s just one more way we’re focused on protection at all levels.

We get it. Carbon emissions aren’t something most security companies think about, but to Joe, doing the right thing is a downright requirement. Not only do we think this is important, but our many clients do too! We take pride in protecting People, Property, AND the Planet.

For the right entrepreneur who wants to improve their world and community while keeping criminals at bay, GoJoe Patrol is the powerful opportunity you have been looking for.

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