GoJoe Alarm Response – “Faster and Smarter”

“This week your patrol found trespassers sleeping in and around our dumpsters as well as a back door left open by one of our employees.   It gives me great peace of mind to know you are on the job when we are not there.”

– Ed C, Owner Ecolite Manufacturing Co.

There are just some things in life that can’t wait, and when it comes to safety and security, we know that timing is of the essence. Our 24-hour alarm response division works closely with your chosen alarm system provider to respond as quickly as possible to any alarm being set off.

Through the GoJoe training, our response officers are equipped with the ability to determine the cause of the alarm, inspect the facility, secure the premises, reset the alarm, and notify the proper authorities as instructed.

We’ve been able to help an array of customers throughout the years with our alarm response services. These include offices, warehouses, restaurants, and other properties that are usually vacant at night. As well as banks, construction sites, industrial facilities, car dealerships, equipment rental companies, residential neighborhoods, etc.

GoJoe Patrol Patrol VehicleEach GoJoe Patrol features:

  • Cost-effective, Quick Response Times 

When an alarm is set off, we dispatch alarm response calls to the nearest patrol officer in our fleet, who can arrive at your property.  Our well-trained officers can then perform the duties necessary to safely clear the property, submit a report to you with details and pictures, and provide temporary guard service if necessary. Another benefit is that our service is much less costly than the police, and our patrol fleet can generally respond just as fast.

  • 24-Hour Alarm Service 

No matter the time, we are on duty and will respond to your company’s alarm calls, quickly and professionally. Criminals do not sleep at night, and neither does Joe.

  • High Caliber Reporting 

For each alarm incident, our team will provide a full report on their findings with pictures to ensure that you have all the details concerning your properties.  The reporting process serves to keep accurate records of what happened and helps when providing critical data to the police and your insurance company.

“The nightly report with pictures is something we never received from previous security companies, and it is extremely helpful.”

-George B, Owner, City Ramp Garage

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