How Can I Become a GoJoe Security Patrol Officer?

At GoJoe Patrol, we take pride in hiring individuals who excel in customer service and are fully trained in the art of de-escalating tense situations. Our officers are poised, intelligent, calculated, calm, and have strong communication skills. If you’re interested in working as a patrol officer, you already have the desire. There are just a few more important steps you need to take before you can begin your career with GoJoe Patrol.

Understand All Job Qualifications

It’s important that you fully understand the qualifications of a GoJoe patrol officer before you begin the application process. The best patrol officers naturally possess positive mental, emotional, and physical traits. They have strong organizational skills, are detail-oriented, highly observant, and can accurately remember details.

Physical ability is also a necessity in this field of work, and applicants must be able to regularly lift and transport 10 to 25 pounds, be physically fit, and have stamina. Additional basic requirements for applicants are: they must be 18 years old or older, have a valid driver’s license, be willing to undergo regular drug testing, and commit to the necessary training and certification courses, including ongoing training when necessary. They must have reliable transportation, know how to use a smartphone, and have a clean personal and criminal background report.

Understand and Accept the Job Requirements

Aside from having the desire and basic qualifications to be a patrol officer, you’ll also need to accept the actual job requirements. As a security patrol officer, you must be willing and able to work night shifts, overnight shifts, and some holidays and weekends.

You will also be required to learn how to operate Silvertrac Software, an in-field reporting software that separates GoJoe from competing security services. This software takes the security guard management system to the next level and makes everything from incident reports to dispatching seamless and accurate.

Complete an Application

Once you confirm that you have the right qualifications to be a security guard, you can fill out an application with GoJoe. That’s the first step in the hiring process, and provides us with the details we need to begin. We will review your application, and if we contact you for an interview, you can then learn more about the certification process and training.

Get Security Officer Certification

You don’t need to have your Washington Security Officer license at the time of application to be considered for a job, but it is preferred. Depending on whether you choose to apply for an armed or unarmed guard position, you will need to complete the necessary hours of different types of training. In Washington, this is a state requirement; in Idaho, training and certification is done at the local level.

Some training takes place in-house and some off-site. We can provide you with more details about the training requirements during the application process. Depending on the exact position you’re applying for, the training may consist of the following:

  • Armed guard firearm training
  • Silvertrac Software in-field reporting
  • Administrative and organizational skills training
  • First aid skills training
  • Emergency preparedness training
  • Conflict de-escalation training
  • Legal power and limitations
  • Evacuation processes
  • Emergency preparedness and response
  • Patrol tactics training

At GoJoe, we know that being a security patrol officer is not just another job. It is a calling to help others by providing skills, know-how, and commitment to keeping property and people safe. This career enables you to protect your community by preserving peace and order and managing and de-escalating conflicts. Contact us today at GoJoe Patrol to learn more about our career opportunities and begin the application process.

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