What Are the Main Security Officer Duties?

If your business is facing security threats, you might have considered hiring security guards. As you think about it, it may help to get a clear understanding of exactly what the job covers. 

A security officer’s job can vary depending on the place of employment. At GoJo Patrol our guards are trained to cover the following list of core duties. 

1. Patrol To Prevent and Detect Crime

One of the primary responsibilities of our professional guards is patrolling the premises to prevent and detect crime and enforce security regulations. Security officers can patrol the premises on foot or in vehicles, and they may use surveillance equipment to detect criminal activity. When they identify a security breach, they take action to resolve the issue and may contact law enforcement if necessary.

Armed guards are typically used to provide security at high-risk facilities, such as government buildings and high-value businesses. Armed guards receive specialized training in firearms and self-defense so that they can effectively respond to potential threats.

2. Respond to Emergencies

If or when an alarm sounds, you want to make sure a capable security guard is on the premises, ready to respond. Security officers must quickly assess the situation and decide the best course of action. Our security officers are capable of thinking quickly, de-escalating confrontations, making decisions under pressure, and communicating effectively with both the public and law enforcement.

Depending on the situation, the guards may need to call the police or fire department, or they may need to evacuate the premises. In some cases, security officers may need to provide first aid or CPR. 

3. Write Reports

One of the most important duties of a security officer is to write reports of any incidents, accidents, or other events that occur during their shift. These reports serve as an important record of what happened and can be used to improve safety protocols or investigate potential crimes. 

Mobile patrol services often require guards to write a daily activity report detailing where they patrolled and what they observed. If an incident occurs, the guard may need to write a more in-depth report, documenting what happened and any evidence that was collected.

4. Operate Security Equipment and Surveillance Cameras

Today’s security guards must also be proficient in operating the latest surveillance technology. This includes everything from traditional security cameras to cutting-edge facial recognition software. The world is becoming increasingly digitized and it’s essential that security guards keep up with the latest trends in surveillance technology. By doing so, they can ensure that their employers have the best possible chance of deterring crime and protecting their assets.

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Although professional guards’ duties may vary depending on the company they work for, our security guards are trained and capable of enforcing these duties where necessary. 

If you’re looking for a company that can provide your business with professional security services, contact GoJoe Patrol today. We have a team of highly qualified and experienced guards who are ready to help you meet your security needs.

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