Do You Need Seasonal or Temporary Security Guard Services?

Even though your business may not need security services daily, there may still be occasions when a security presence could be beneficial. The good news is, there are options. Seasonal or temporary security guards can offer you the protection you need without the commitment of 24/7 monitoring.

If you’re wondering whether you need temporary or permanent security, GoJoe Patrol can help you discuss whether seasonal security might be right for you. GoJo Patrol members are experienced at evaluating the risks to your business and can help create a security solution that accommodates your protection needs and your budget.

Is Seasonal Security Right for You?

If you’ve recently experienced a difficulty such as theft or vandalism, seasonal security might be the answer. At GoJo Patrol we have seen it all. Listed below are a few situations in which adding seasonal security might be suitable for your home or business: 

  • A violent incident has taken place at your business recently
  • There has been an increase in theft 
  • Your workplace is being targeted for vandalism
  • There has been an increase in loitering on your property or you’ve had to confront trespassers
  • Your workplace will be putting on a large event
  • Political figures, celebrities, or controversial people will be visiting your workplace
  • An increased volume of merchandise will be stored at your business
  • Unique circumstances will result in increased traffic to your home or business
  • You are unable to secure your business or property due to staffing issues

Common Reasons for Hiring Temporary Security

Even if those circumstances do not apply to your business, there are other times throughout the year in which you still might need some extra help. 

Holiday Seasons

Many retailers choose to hire seasonal guards during their peak shopping months. Since the influx of customers is too great for loss prevention teams to monitor, hiring seasonal guards ensures that your merchandise, employees, and customers are protected. Seasonal guards can patrol your parking lot to prevent break-ins and muggings, monitor the entrances and exits, or work alongside your existing loss prevention team.


Although many people don’t consider construction a temporary or seasonal activity, many construction companies hire temporary security services. Since construction sites are typically active during the day, they will usually hire guards to patrol the area during nights, weekends, and holidays. In addition, depending on where the project is located, they may hire guards to patrol the site from when materials are delivered until the project is complete.

In other areas, they may choose only to use security services while unsecured building materials and tools are present. Temporary security services ensure that a construction project doesn’t become derailed due to theft or vandalism.

Public and Private Events

Any time a large group of people assembles, there will always be a risk of theft or violent acts. Having a security presence will deter criminals and make eventgoers feel more secure. Guards can check tickets, patrol for suspicious behavior, and offer assistance in an emergency. When you hire temporary security officers to work your event, you’ll be able to enjoy the experience instead of feeling as if you need to be on guard for potential trouble all night.

More Questions?

If temporary or seasonal security officers sound like they are the solution to your problems, let us help. Call GoJoe Patrol and find out how our temporary and full-time officers can protect your business or home.

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