How Do You Get a Patrol Officer License in Washington State?

How Do You Get a Patrol Officer License in Washington State?

So you’ve decided to pursue a rewarding career in security in Washington State? There may be many factors that led you to this decision. 

Retired veterans and former law enforcement officers often seek out jobs as private patrol officers after leaving the force. Likewise, many other people look at private security as a starting point for a career in law enforcement. Regardless of why you’re looking for security officer jobs in Spokane, WA, you’ll need to have a proper license from the state to work as a security officer. There are multiple types of licenses as well.

Security Officer Jobs in Spokane, Washington

If you’re interested in a career in private security, the state has rules regarding who can become a patrol officer. The most important requirement is that you have a job with a licensed private security company such as GoJoe Patrol. Nevertheless, you may find that some job openings specifically ask you to have a license. If this seems confusing, let’s clear things up.

Private security companies can hire you without a license, provide you with basic training, and then you can file a petition with the state to obtain your license. While you may find that some companies don’t want to go through the trouble of helping you get your license, our Spokane branch is eager to get you up to speed. Once you’ve been properly trained, you can file for an unarmed security officer license.

Why Officers Need Licenses

Although patrol officers are not the same as the police from a legal perspective, they have some of the same responsibilities. We believe that all security officers should be held to a higher standard, which is why we carefully vet potential officers beyond what the state requires. We are committed to securing the communities we work with and want officers who are ready to do the same.

Licensing ensures that people with criminal records don’t become security officers. The licensing process also makes it possible to remove bad officers. If a company has a problem with an officer, they can seek to revoke their license through the state, ensuring a bad apple doesn’t just move from one security company to another.

Armed License Requirements in Washington

After working as an unarmed security officer, you may be interested in getting permission to carry a firearm while working. We employ armed guards when clients request them for sensitive situations. It’s not enough to have a firearms certificate issued by the state. You must also file for an armed private security guard license. Unarmed guards can be 18 years old, but armed guards must be at least 21.  

Licensing Procedure

After getting a job offer or on-the-job training from a licensed private security company, you can request your license from the Washington State Department of Licensing. You should apply online through your SecureAccess Washington account. You’ll also need to pay an exam fee to the state.

If you’re interested in becoming a patrol officer with a company committed to the community, contact GoJoe Patrol today.

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