How Secure Is Your Parking Lot?

safe parking lot

Offering your customers and/or employees a convenient place to park is a great perk. However, this means you’re also in charge of parking lot security. Crime in parking lots occurs more than you think, so you want to deter any theft from cars and other more violent acts of violence. It’s likely you may need to think about making improvements or investing in security solutions to keep your parking lot safe and secure.

Do You Have Proper Lighting?

A well-lit parking lot is less desirable for criminals because they prefer to do their work in areas where they can stay out of sight. Put in enough lighting to ensure there are no shadows or corners that are suitable for hiding, and continue this lighting into stairwells and pathways that lead in and out of the lot. Replace any broken or burned-out lights as soon as possible. Even one dark spot can create a safety hazard.

Do You Keep Your Lot Well Maintained?

Keeping your parking lot well maintained will help to deter criminals. Swiftly replacing those broken lights, cleaning up any garbage, repairing any broken fencing or doors, trimming overgrown trees, and taking action to prevent slippery or icy pavement or sidewalks show your users that you care about their safety and criminals that you maintain a presence in your lot.

Is Your Lot Designed Properly?

Even with proper lighting, if you have any areas where someone could hide, you’re putting your users at risk. Underneath staircases, behind large bushes, and behind walls are all places where someone could hide. Remove or block off any areas that could pose a problem.

Do You Have Access Control?

Having your parking lot inaccessible to those who shouldn’t be using it will help keep out crime by limiting who goes in and out of your lot. Underground or secure fenced-in parking lots allow you to help control who has access by ensuring verified users have a key card or must use a personal passcode to enter through a gate.

Have You Hired Security Patrol?

Using a professional, well-trained on-site security company to patrol your lot is one of the very best ways to protect your parking lot. Having one or more security professionals in your lot will not only deter crime from happening but will make your users feel a lot more secure knowing there is someone there.

Do You Have Phones and Panic Buttons?

Offering phones and/or panic buttons at various locations throughout your parking lot not only makes people feel more secure but offers the user a direct line to a service such as a mobile patrol service or alarm response service who will attend.

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