Increase Your Construction Site Safety With a Professional Security Guard

Construction sites are notorious for being targeted by thieves and vandals. Amazingly, even large equipment like compressors, appliances, power tools, and even vehicles have been stolen, in addition to building materials like lumber, copper wire, and pipes. While construction sites put up gates and fences with padlocks, these are not always sufficient to keep troublemakers out. 

Theft and vandalism have a tremendous impact on a project’s bottom line. When goods are stolen, not only will you incur costs for replacement, but it will cause delays and upset schedules for all your workers and subcontractors, which can be even more costly. The costs of vandalism can be even worse: when things are destroyed rather than taken, you not only have material costs and delay costs, but have to spend time and money on clean-up, disposal, and reconstruction.

Unfortunately, there’s often no way around leaving expensive machinery, tools, and building materials unattended at a construction site overnight. Those items remain exposed and visible. In addition, since large construction projects take months to complete, people with criminal intent have a lot of time to scope out what they might want, and how they might achieve their goals. To protect yourself and reduce the threat of theft and damage, consider hiring professional security officers to patrol and protect the area.

What To Expect From On-Site Security

One of the benefits of hiring trained security officers to guard your construction site is that you can customize your security options to your needs. You’ll have the option of choosing on-site security 24/7, or just at night. You can hire one officer or more than one, utilize mobile patrol services for the area, add alarm monitoring and response, and determine whether you need an armed or unarmed officer.

Once you determine your needs and initiate services, you can have peace of mind knowing that a trained, professional security officer will keep your site secure. In addition, your security officer can work with you to adjust your security needs as the project progresses based on training and observations about your site. Security personnel can identify your vulnerabilities, or make suggestions on what might be needed to enhance your job site’s security, from motion-activated lights to cameras, to alarms. 

The GoJoe Patrol Difference

At GoJoe Patrol, our guards are trained in every aspect of security. In addition to their initial security training, all of our officers undergo continuous training in the latest techniques and technologies, as well as share on-the-job insights that can improve performance for our officers across the board. We use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that our guards are prepared and ready to step in in the event of a security threat, and our real-time reporting with photos and video provides you with the details you need and expect. We also keep abreast of all laws that regulate what our officers can and cannot do, and make sure that all of our guards are compliant with all regulations that govern security industry personnel.

GoJoe Patrol security officers know how to interact with the businesses we serve. When you hire us, our officers will become part of your team, and they will work with your crews and your subcontractors to reach a common goal. Your workers will have peace of mind, knowing that when they go back out to the job site again in the morning, they won’t find disaster. 

If trouble does arise, GoJoe Patrol officers know what to do. They are trained in de-escalating tense situations, and they are used to working with law enforcement. Our officers are always in communication with our home office, and they know when to call law enforcement in. They will also notify you according to whatever protocol you set up. Our officers are trained to observe and record key details so that they can provide law enforcement with the information necessary for them to do their jobs. 

Don’t let another day go by without adding security to your construction site. This investment will save you money in the long run by protecting your equipment, tools, materials, and workers. It may even reduce the premiums on Course of Construction insurance. More importantly, you will be able to move forward with your project without delays caused by theft or vandalism. You will be able to sleep at night, rather than stay up worrying about whether your construction site is secure. Contact us today at GoJoe Patrol to learn more about our different security solutions for your project site.

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