Securing the Health of
Our Environment

Responsible Business from the Ground Up

For Joe, security and responsibility go hand in hand. While our vehicles provide a strong and noticeable presence to deter criminal activity, they also have an impact on our planet. What we can’t see can also be dangerous. We’re keenly aware of the environmental impact of our patrol vehicles and take steps to counteract the emissions we produce through carbon offset credit purchases. As we begin to replace our fleets, all future GoJoe Patrol vehicles will be Hybrid models that still have the look we require.

Going A Few Extra Miles

We get it. Carbon emissions aren’t something most security companies think about or promote to the world. But to Joe, doing the right thing, at the local and global levels, is a downright requirement. We’re proud to take the initiative and inspire our industry to work toward a cleaner world without sacrificing quality service, diminishing our powerful neighborhood presence or adding costs for our customers. Protecting People, Property and the Planet™ . This is our responsibility.

What Are Carbon Offsets?

Our vehicles, like every gas-powered car on the road, emit greenhouse gases. So, we’ve chosen to help fund energy efficiency projects at the corporate level in order to offset our cars’ carbon contributions. It’s just one more way we’re focused on protection at all levels.

Learn valuable information about calculating carbon offsets for businesses and individuals with our partner, Native.

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