Overnight Security: Why You Need It

Overnight security

If you own a business, you’ll know the importance of safety. Break-ins and other security breaches can cause huge amounts of lost revenue, not to mention the hits to your productivity and reputation. Even if you invest in great technology, when night falls and your place of business is left unattended, only overnight security will give you the protection you need.

Irreplaceable Human Presence

So, you’ve invested in all the technology you think you need to keep your business safe, but something’s missing. The fact is, with all the cameras, motion detectors, and alarms in the world, no technology can adequately replace a human presence.

Criminals are always coming up with new ways to bypass technology, but business premises with a human presence are far less likely to be subject to break-in attempts or other security breaches. Any criminals looking to work over a business will look elsewhere once they see our branded patrol cars paying regular visits to your premises.

Benefit From State-of-the-Art Service

When you work with GoJoe, you aren’t just getting a night watchman sweeping the building with a flashlight twice a night. Instead, you’re benefitting from a state-of-the-art service that makes use of all the latest technology with our proprietary RevSuite platform to keep you more secure than ever. We take the best elements of both human presence and security technology, combining the two elements to create a top-notch service.

Our patrols make use of GPS Route Management, real-time reporting with photographs and in-car cameras mixed with randomized patrol times, ensuring uniformed officers visit your premises and parking lots at regular intervals, providing the optimal deterrent, while our experienced dispatchers and tracking devices allow us to quickly respond to any threat. We regularly review and update our equipment and systems, as well as putting our staff through extensive training to ensure true safety and security for your business.

Make Life Easier for Night Shift Workers

If you run a business that maintains a staff presence overnight, access to a security patrol becomes even more important. Staff will feel safer with an overnight private security presence, allowing them to focus on their work without jumping at shadows.

This could prove to be a big bonus for you as a business owner, making it easier for you to hire new night staff, or persuade existing staff to take on night shifts. One of the main reasons staff often don’t like to work night shifts is due to safety concerns. But when they know they’ll be regularly checked up on by security, they’ll feel a lot safer.

Peace of Mind

Business owners have a lot on their minds, and after a hard day of work, it can be hard to wind down and relax. Knowing your business is taken care of by a reliable security business will allow you to enjoy peace of mind, ensuring you’re well-rested and relaxed for another day of business.

Want to hire a security firm you can rely on to keep your business safe? Contact GoJoe Patrol today for all your security needs. We’ll develop a package that’s customized to your business’ needs.

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