Joe loves technology

GoJoe Patrol utilizes the state-of-the-art tracking system, GPS Insight. Not only is it very cool, but also we are the ONLY mobile patrol team in the region advanced enough to implement this system.

Advantage: GPS Insight

GPS Insight enables Joe to monitor and dispatch patrol vehicles via a web-based system, using satellite-tracked locators and 3D Google Maps identifiers, 24/7. Geofencing functionality keeps our patrol vehicles where they need to be and lets us know immediately if a patrol vehicle goes outside of its patrol grid.

We always know where our patrols are located, where they have been, when they are stopped and where they are going. GPS Insight provides the most efficient patrol routes, keeps track of all patrol activity, generates reports and provides instant two-way messaging. You don’t have to trust that we patrolled your property at a particular time. We can prove it.

This mobile patrol technology makes GoJoe Patrol, better, faster and more in control of keeping our eyes on the security of your property. GPS Insight gives you better response time, more accurate billing, and reduces our carbon footprint… all great things that only Joe offers you.

GPS Insight
Satellite in Space