Preparing Your Staff For A Potential Security Breach

Preparing Your Staff For A Potential Security Breach

Whether you have seven or seventy people on your company site, every staff member should have the exposure to proper education and training for different security breaches. Threats can range from a fire to an armed criminal, and as a business owner, preparing your staff should be a top priority.

Below are 5 safety measures that you should take to prepare your staff for potential security threats. 


  • Create An Evacuation Plan

Where are the nearest exits? Where are the nearest stairs? 

These are the questions that your staff should be informed on right away when coming to work for you. Although we never expect the worst to happen, there’s always that chance. Outlining your company blueprint with the quickest and most effective evacuation routes is the first step in preparing your staff. Once you have the routes outlined, be sure to take the time running through different types of emergency evacuations. It’s also smart to create designated roles for employees during these scenarios to help eliminate chaos. 

  • Taking Shelter

In the chance that you can’t make it to an exit, there are other ways to protect yourself in an office setting. Be sure to lock all windows, doors, move away from windows, and pinpoint rooms that you can lock from the inside until help arrives. If a natural disaster strikes, be sure to find a designated meeting area at the strongest part of your building’s structure. Implement drills to make sure all staff members can fit in the designated area, and any employees with disabilities are able to make it there. 

  • Lockdown

If your staff encounters a lockdown situation, be sure to have the proper contact methods for emergency services. You will also want to barricade yourself in a room or in one that locks, and be sure to stay out of the sight of windows. You will also want to enforce lockdown drills throughout the year to help staff stay educated on the latest safety precautions. 

  • First Aid / CPR Training

Being confident when a medical emergency strikes can dramatically increase the survival rate of victims. Give your staff that confidence through proper first aid & CPR training by bringing in professionals to teach these safety methods. It’s said that CPR that is conducted right after cardiac arrest, can double or even triple a person’s chance of survival. Another great resource for your staff can be first aid and CPR visuals placed throughout the office for reference in case of an emergency.

  • Proper Equipment 

Whether it’s automated locks on your doors and windows, or security cameras, there are several ways to help keep security threats off your company site. Staff should be aware of these systems and know where cameras are located. Staff should also be mindful of locking doors and windows when leaving for the night or when working odd hours. Along with security measures, there should be proper first aid kits and fire extinguishers placed throughout the company premises for easy accessibility.  


Your staff is your most valuable asset and they deserve to feel safe when coming to work on your company site. Set the precedence early by implementing proper training and educational seminars on how to prepare for the worst. You can’t always control emergency situations or when they may occur, but you can control how well you prepare for them. 

If an on-site security plan seems daunting amidst your busy schedule, the team at Go Joe Patrol offers mobile patrol officers and on-site armed guards, depending upon your security needs. Call Go Joe Patrol to receive a customized security package tailored to your company’s safety.  The team is committed to providing superior security solutions to members of our community. Contact us here.

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