Safety And Security Tips For Your Local Neighborhood

neighborhood safety and security

Safety and security are important to us all, but oftentimes we tend to feel safe in our own homes and let our guard down. There are some ways to ensure your local neighborhood is a safe place, though. Here’s what we recommend.

Communicate With Your Neighbors

Neighbors who are watching out for each other are the first and strongest line of community defense. Opportunistic criminals will avoid your neighborhood if it has a reputation for neighbors watching out for neighbors. More sophisticated criminals who spend time casing an area before deciding what targets to hit will see that their presence has been noted and look for softer targets.

If you know your neighbors and communicate with them regularly, everyone will always know when someone is home or away, and when something on a neighbor’s property is out of the ordinary. And knowing your neighbors has a lot more benefits than just protecting you from criminals. From holding joint yard sales to having barbecues, or just having someone to watch your dog for the afternoon, a strong community benefits everyone.

Consider a Neighborhood Patrol

If you’ve had issues with crime in your neighborhood, or if you have a lot of kids you want to protect, mobile patrol services are a great way to keep everyone safe. Go in on the cost with neighbors, and then enjoy the peace of mind that comes knowing your children can play safely and your home is secure – even when everyone on the block is at work.

Look for mobile patrol services with attention-getting vehicles who can offer randomized patrol times so bad actors can’t exploit known holes in coverage. In today’s tech-advanced world, it’s never been more important to ensure that a company uses the latest technology to verify that there are no gaps in their patrol coverage. And remember: you might want to consider extra patrols during peak crime times, like weekends and holidays.

Keep the Neighborhood Clean

It’s pretty simple, really: when a neighborhood is clean, everyone who goes through it gets the impression that the people who live there care. When the neighborhood is a mess, it signals that no one is paying attention and individuals are vulnerable. Keep your own home neat and trim, and if there’s an abandoned lot or park, make a plan with neighbors to keep these areas from becoming eyesores.

Remember, when anyone in the neighborhood is away, everyone should work together to make sure their lawn is mowed, snow is shoveled, newspapers and mail are taken in, and the whole area has a “lived-in” feel.

Get an Alarm

Alarm systems really work, and they work especially well when you have a mobile patrol on call who can respond quickly–even more quickly than the police, in many cases. There are plenty of good home alarm systems these days, and it’s worth getting the camera. Bad actors hate knowing they’re on candid camera!

Make sure your windows are alarmed as well as your doors and coordinate with neighbors–if you feel comfortable–so that their cameras cover any holes in your coverage and vice versa. That way, even if someone manages to disable a camera at one property, there’s a good chance their actions will still be recorded.

If you’re ready to get serious about staying safe, contact GoJoe Patrol today and get the professional help you need to enjoy peace of mind, all the time.

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