Safety During The Holiday Season

safety during holiday season

It isn’t just retail crime that goes up during the holiday season – studies show that many types of criminal activity, particularly larceny, vandalism. and break-ins, tend to increase in November and December. Investing in a mobile security patrol, an onsite guard, or a rapid-response alarm service are among the ways you can safeguard your commercial property during this particularly dangerous time of year.

Why Increased Holiday Safety is Important

There are a variety of reasons why crime tends to go up towards the end of the year. Increased desperation and financial pressure, as well as higher use of drugs and alcohol, are among the factors that come into play.

Criminals are also opportunists, taking advantage of the fact that people are particularly busy and distracted at this time of year. If you own a business, you likely have employees taking time off, leaving your office or commercial space less active than usual. All these factors combined can create ideal conditions for crime to occur.

Investing in a Security Patrol

Ensuring enhanced safety measures are in place can give you and your employees complete peace of mind during this otherwise joyful time of year. If you haven’t done so already, hiring a mobile patrol service to guard your business is a very cost-effective and efficient way of securing one or more properties.

When a property and the surrounding area are being watched on a consistent basis, it is extremely unlikely that even the boldest criminal will attempt a break-in. Criminals look for the easiest targets – they aren’t trying to find a challenge! Just one glimpse of an on-duty guard is usually all it takes to deter unlawful activity.  

Being Aware of Suspicious Activity

It is recommended that your employees have a system in place for identifying suspicious visitors on your property. Staff should be trained on how to safely interact with unfamiliar people, and on protocols for sounding an alarm or notifying the appropriate personnel.

Having a code phrase established is a great way to safely get the word out when an employee feels that they might be in danger. For example, “There is a meeting with Tim Bradley at 5 p.m.” can be code for “This person might be dangerous – get help.”

Creating a Holiday Season Safety Plan

Businesses should consider revising their safety procedures during holiday periods when there might be considerably fewer employees on site than normal. Revising your alarm settings and having fewer open access points into the building are among the ways you can boost your property‘s defenses.

If you plan to host an office holiday party, there should be additional safety measures in place. It is very easy for criminals to go undetected at these types of events. Having a temporary officer stationed at the reception desk is a great way to keep unwanted visitors out. Better yet, give the officer a guest list so that they can verify each invitee as they arrive.

Improved safety measures during the holidays not only ensure personal safety and loss prevention but can help you and your team relax at this very special time of year. Contact us today at GoJoe Patrol so that we can help you establish a fail-proof holiday safety plan.

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