Security For Your Office Building: 6 Signs You Need It

security services for your office building

Hiring a security team or putting a security system in place is necessary when you feel like there is a safety or security risk at your worksite. Some reasons are obvious; there are also some reasons to look into hiring security for your office building that you may not have thought of.

Your Office Building Is in a Dangerous Location

If your building is located in a part of town that’s high in crime, your property could be at risk of theft or damage. Even your staff and customers could be put into dangerous situations. Perhaps your location isn’t known for having high crime, but if your building is in a sparsely populated area, there may be a higher risk for break-ins and other trouble. Hiring a mobile patrol service or putting other security measures into place will deter such criminal activities.

You’re Worried About Theft

If you sell a high-end product or have a lot of expensive equipment or important files on site, this puts you at higher risk of theft. Even if you haven’t already experienced it, you should be proactive when it comes to protecting your valuable assets. Having a security system or security personnel in place will protect you from both external and internal theft.

You Want to Limit Access to Your Building

Some office buildings have few to no businesses in them.  Perhaps the spaces aren’t open to the public, in which case it may be a good idea to limit access to the building altogether. A security guard or checkpoint can control who comes and goes.

Your Office Building Is Busy

High traffic office buildings can have the potential for security risks. When a lot of people are in one place at one time, things can occasionally get out of control. This can lead to potential run-ins between people, and also helps any criminal behavior to go unnoticed. Having an on-site security presence will deter any crime and encourage people to be on their best behavior.

Your Parking Lot Isn’t Secure

If your parking lot isn’t totally secure and access-controlled, your building’s staff and customers could be at risk walking to and from their vehicles. This is especially true if your parking lot has any dark areas or locations where people can hide easily. Having a security system in place helps keep people safe and at ease.

Your Liability Risk Could Decrease

Depending on the type of businesses in your building and the insurance you have you may be required to have a commercial security service for liability reasons. You may also be eligible for a discount on your insurance premiums if you have security in place.

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