Simple Workplace Safety Solutions

simple workplace safety solutions

Creating a more secure environment in and around your business premises does not need to be complicated. A common-sense approach to security that employs some simple safety tips can help your employees and customers feel more secure. Using some basic security solutions can give your business added protection both during the day and after hours. Keep reading to find out if you’re taking the right precautions to secure your workplace.

Making your Workplace as Safe as Possible

Having a safety plan in place for your employees to follow can go a long way towards protecting your business from vandalism and break ins. Some basic preventative measures, used alongside the right technology, is all that most businesses need to keep intruders at bay.

Do a Lighting Audit

Take a walk around your property after hours to see how well lit it is. You might be surprised to notice that your lighting is quite dim or doesn’t quite reach some shadowy corners where a trespasser might hide. Switching to brighter LED lighting might be all you need to do to address this issue. Pruning back trees and bushes from the perimeter of the building can also help to eliminate dark corners where an intruder might go unnoticed.

Keep Track of Keys

Key management is important, especially for larger buildings that might have numerous access points. Make sure employees only have access to the keys they need, and keep a spreadsheet of who has what key. Reclaiming these keys when an employee leaves should be a priority in order to avoid vulnerabilities.


It’s also a good idea to conduct an annual key inventory and to periodically change the locks on exterior doors. If there has been an employee incident, or if there are keys that are unaccounted for, changing the locks makes sense.


Conduct Regular Briefings with Simple Safety Tips

Holding a team meeting on a quarterly basis to review safety procedures is a good practice for any business. Employees will appreciate a few quick tips and reminders about personal security, awareness, and safety. This can also be a good opportunity to review fire and evacuation drills. If you’re unsure exactly what these meetings should look like, working with a security consultant is a great way to firm up a security checklist for your business.


Install Security Alarms

If you haven’t already, having an alarm system installed is an investment worth making. Most break ins and acts of vandalism occur after hours, so an alarm should be your first line of defense to protect your building during these times. Make sure that your system connects to a professional security response team. Remember that an alarm response service costs a fraction of what the police will charge your business should there be a false alarm.

Consider a Mobile Patrol

A mobile security patrol is the number one way to protect the entire perimeter of your property. Having a guard making periodic checks is a visible reminder to potential trespassers that your property is being watched. This is a cost-effective alternative to hiring a full-time night guard.

Develop Security Solutions with a Professional

If you’re unsure what your business’s security plan should look like, a security consultant can help you to put together a plan that is tailored to your workplace. In addition to day-to-day security basics, a security plan can also cover what to do in the event of workplace conflicts, fires, or natural disasters. Once your plan is established, it should only need to be reviewed on an annual basis.  

If you would like to establish some extra security precautions for your business, contact us today at GoJoe Patrol. We can help you build a fail-proof safety plan for your workplace.

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