Street Smarts vs. Professional Security

Street Smarts vs. Professional Security

Every one of us can benefit from having better “street smarts,” but when it comes to protecting your business, or your neighborhood, hiring professional security is the way to go. Street smarts are great, but they’re no substitute for trained professionals. Here’s why.

Don’t misunderstand: street smarts are essential. In fact, professional security officers are well-practiced in street smarts, although it’s more likely this will be referred to as “situational awareness.”

Situational Awareness and the Professional Difference

Situational awareness is a great thing to develop, but the way that your staff or even your kids do it will always be different from the way a security professional does it, and for two key reasons: job description and objective.

Whose Job Is It Anyway? 

Your staff don’t have the time to devote to developing professional-level situational awareness: and that’s ok! That’s not their job. And while you can teach your kids to pay attention to their surroundings, you know they’re going to be distracted by play and friends much of the time. That’s what you want for them!

A security professional, on the other hand, is devoted to developing “street smarts,” to the point where noticing everything and reacting appropriately becomes second nature. Whether it’s on mobile patrol through your neighborhood, keeping your home and kids safe, or armed guards on site at your place of business, professionals are always aware and ready to respond.

What’s Your Objective? 

Let’s say the worst-case scenario arises and an armed person attempts to enter your business. It’s rare for this to happen, but it does happen. Your staff’s primary objective should be to remove themselves from the situation if safely possible.

Your security professionals have a different objective, however. Their job is to prevent the situation completely if possible and to protect lives if it does happen. It’s a bit like the difference between firefighters and the general public – firefighters are the ones running towards the fire.

Building Street Smarts

1. Take Note of Your Surroundings

Take a few minutes each day to note everything, from the walls and doors to the windows, trashcans, tables, and chairs. It shouldn’t take more than a few seconds once you’re good at it, but those seconds should get your brain 100% engaged, until you’re paying close attention to everything.

How does this help? In the event of an emergency–from a gunman to a simple fire–people who know where everything is can more safely escape. They won’t be tripping over obstacles or wasting time finding the door.

2. Take Note of Other People

Public-facing staff, in particular, can benefit from practice in keeping an eye out for people who are acting nervous or who clearly don’t “belong” in the situation. This is something anyone can practice, even at home or through some people-watching at the mall.

How does this help? Private security should be trained to notice and intervene even before a potentially dangerous person enters your building. But sometimes a person isn’t truly dangerous–they’re just upset or out of place.

When your staff are attuned to notice this, they can bring their A-game and consider how they might proactively offer someone help and turn an agitated client into a satisfied customer. Kids who are attuned to someone in the neighborhood acting suspiciously can get home and get safe.

Hiring Professional Security

Developing your street smarts can help, but for true security, you need professionals who are always paying attention and always ready to act in your defense. At GoJoe Patrol, keeping you and your property safe is our sole mission. We pride ourselves on serving our community with the ideal mix of strength and empathy. That all starts with our connection to you.

From the moment you make the decision to trust your security to GoJoe Patrol, you’ll receive individualized attention from our helpful team and dedicated security officers. Whenever and wherever you need us, Joe will be watching. 

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