The History of GoJoe Patrol

gojoe patrol company history

GoJoe Patrol is not your average security company.  They are a community-focused resource for businesses and citizens who need to feel safe.  The team at GoJoe understands this need on a personal level.  They’re business owners in the community – your friends and neighbors – who know what it’s like to worry about their property and their livelihood. That’s why they created a company that could do something about it. 

Changing The Industry Perception

GoJoe Patrol was founded from its parent company, State Protection Services, with the intention of breaking the stereotypical images of the security guard industry.  For decades, security guards bore the stigma of unapproachable, no-nonsense figures whose intimidating stance deterred criminals and clients alike. Owners Harry & Shawn Sladich and Major & Corinna Bambino knew this had to change.  Their goal was to provide the highest quality security services, but with an exceptional team dedicated to the customers’ well-being. GoJoe Patrol has continually separated themselves through their customer service-minded training, their commitment to the environment, and a selective hiring process – all with the owners’ collective business experience to thank.

Homegrown Hospitality

Harry Sladich and Major Bambino have been friends since grade school.  With the help of each of their wives, Harry and Major continue this partnership as they operate GoJoe Patrol’s Spokane Valley location.  As Chief Development Officer, Harry Sladich has used his experience in the hospitality industry as a catalyst for the elite customer service training provided to all GoJoe staff members.  As Executive Vice President of Operations and Training, Major Bambino ensures that empathy in conflict resolution permeates every service they offer.  Major’s wife, Corrina, acts as Chief Operating Officer, and Harry’s wife, Shawn, is Corporate Counsel for GoJoe. Together they’ve witnessed the company grow steadily over the last few years, something they attribute to their customer service, leading technology, and their passion for the local community.  Of the many things they agree on, they’ve committed to keeping family and friendship first.

The GoJoe Difference

The GoJoe team’s commitment to family and community is no secret.  They continually stress the fact that they exist to protect the people, property, and the planet. Even when they’re protecting property, their focus is about the people behind it.  Whether its mobile patrol services, armed guards, alarm response, or on-site security, GoJoe patrol patrol officers are held to the highest standards in the industry. If GoJoe wouldn’t trust them to protect their own property, they won’t put them in charge of yours!

“My favorite thing about this company that we’ve built is the variety of solutions that we offer our clients, and the genuine joy that they experience from our results,” remarks Harry Sladich, co-owner and co-founder of GoJoe Patrol, “We really love this community, and we’re proud to serve it in this way.”

Rooted In Community 

For more than 24 years, GoJoe has stood out in the industry as the better option in security.  They employ the best technology solutions in the business, coupled with customer service that makes GoJoe a positive reflection of every company with which it contracts.  Each GoJoe officer is highly vetted and equipped to perform their duties in the best possible way. Their streamlined and tested process has proven so successful, that GoJoe franchises are now finding their way into communities across the country.

Not only is GoJoe committed to the community, they’re committed to the environment, as they purchase carbon offsets to counter the miles their patrol cars drive each day.  When you get to know GoJoe, it’s easy to see that they take great pride in being the best.

GoJoe Patrol started with two patrol officers and a dream. Today, they’re leading the local market with an exceptional team dedicated to their customers’ wellbeing. To learn more about GoJoe Patrol and their services, visit their website or contact the office today.

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