Three Reasons Security Guard Jobs Are So Rewarding

Some jobs are just a way to make money; other jobs are a true calling. If you are looking for work that is more than just another job, consider employment in security. Listed below are some reasons why security guard jobs are deeply rewarding.

You’re Helping People

Few things are as rewarding as knowing that you are keeping people safe. Even if you’re rarely involved in serious incidents, you’ll experience moral and personal gratification as a security guard. When you reach the end of each shift, you realize that your very presence deterred crime: nothing happened because you were there to deter it.

As a GoJoe Patrol security guard, you’ll often have meaningful interactions with people, helping them even when there’s no immediate security risk. It’s not just about deterring crime, it’s also about making people feel comfortable knowing that someone is there to watch their backs.  

You’re Part of the Solution

Some people may be foolish enough to believe that stealing from or trashing property at a “big corporation,” especially in the middle of the night when it seems like no one is likely to get hurt, doesn’t have consequences. Nothing could be further from the truth.

When a company’s property is damaged or goods are stolen, costs go up for everyone. The business has to pay to replace things, and insurance rates often go up, too. The business must spend money to cover these losses, and, as a result, the goods or services the business provides become more expensive. This means fewer people can afford them and must seek replacement goods and services elsewhere, causing a ripple effect that raises the cost of living for the entire community.

Crime also tends to snowball. When one person gets away with theft, more people try. This means increased costs to the community from more police callouts, diminished security for the surrounding neighborhood, and even loss of income for the city or county as businesses move to safer locales. As a security guard, you are part of the solution for protecting society.

You’re Improving Yourself

You gain a lot of skills by becoming a security guard. You learn observation skills that keep you sharp, and these skills will be useful to you no matter what situation you or your family are in.

You also learn exactly what to do in a crisis, when most other people only have a vague idea of how to react and are likely to choke at the key moment. Finally, you’ll learn people skills and become someone others look to for help. Your whole demeanor will change, and you’ll notice others instinctively approaching you for answers even when you’re off the job.  

Becoming a security guard is personally rewarding in so many ways, and we haven’t even touched on the financial incentives of a career that’s immune from a lot of the ups and downs of economic changes. To get started on your rewarding career, contact us at GoJoe Patrol now.

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