Do you need mobile patrol security

Do you need mobile patrol security

If your business is in a neighborhood plagued by break-ins, or if you are concerned about the safety of your customers and employees, you might want to consider mobile patrol security. 

The professional, community-focused security patrol officers at GoJoe Patrol can prevent crime wherever they are assigned. From neighborhoods to businesses to events, there are many locations where security guards are a valuable asset.

In some cases, on-site security guards are limited in their ability to provide optimal protection. Depending on your unique situation, a mobile patrol guard might be the best choice.

Build Customer Confidence

Business owners in areas afflicted by break-ins can experience numerous benefits from hiring a mobile patrol guard to monitor their storefront and parking lot. Shoppers know that break-ins, muggins, and carjackings often occur in unmonitored lots. If your parking lot experiences these incidents regularly, it will keep people away, and drastically hurt your business. 

Mobile security allows you to protect your customers. The presence of a GoJoe Patrol car will deter crime, prevent loitering, and send a message to your customers that you care about their safety both inside and outside of your business. When it comes down to choosing between you and a competitor, you’ll be the easy choice.

Protect Your Property

Having on-site security guards to monitor the inside of your business is always a wise choice, but consider expanding your security efforts to include the area surrounding your business. Mobile patrols will frequent your area all night, dropping by your business at sporadic intervals to ensure that their patterns cannot be predicted. Additionally, if your location’s alarm is triggered, a trained guard will be ready to respond and already in the neighborhood.

Create a Safer Community

Mobile patrols offer as many benefits for neighborhoods as they do for businesses. If your area has problems with theft and vandalism, a mobile security guard can help improve the safety of your community.

Our guards are highly-trained, emotionally-aware individuals eager to serve their communities. The mobile guard covering your neighborhood will become familiar with the community and what is and isn’t normal. This immersion will allow them to provide personalized security.

GoJoe Patrol Offers Mobile Security Guards for Hire

Back when GoJoe Patrol was a brand-new business, mobile patrol security was the first service we provided to our community. Over two decades later, our mobile patrol services remain one of our most frequently requested services. 

Mobile security guards provide the protection you need for your business, home, and community. With our team on duty, you’ll feel peace of mind knowing there’s a trained professional nearby, ready and waiting to handle any situation.

If you find yourself unsure of what security would best suit your situation, don’t hesitate to reach out to us to discuss your needs. We understand the complexities that can accompany finding a solution to your security problem. Give GoJoe Patrol a call, and we’ll help you determine the security service you need.

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