Are Neighborhood Watch Groups Enough?

Are Neighborhood Watch Groups Enough?

The one place you care the most about feeling safe is in your home and neighborhood. Whether you have children, people with disabilities or physical weaknesses, or even simply your possessions to protect, a lot is at stake. 

That is why Neighborhood Watch groups were originally created. With over 50 years of history, It is a long-standing institution in the United States. It’s one of the most effective, decentralized anti-crime organizations in the country.

However, on their own, there are limitations to what the Neighborhood Watch can do. Indeed, most Neighborhood Watch associations team up with local police forces. Professional security companies, such as GoJoe Patrol, can provide mobile patrol security to bolster your neighborhood’s crime prevention organization.

Combining Neighborhood Watch With Mobile Patrol Security

Neighborhood Watch groups can have a profound impact on crime in the local area. However, Watch members have their own lives and schedules, which creates predictable and repetitive patrols. Criminals will catch on to these patterns over time and plan their moves accordingly. Furthermore, many Neighborhood Watch groups patrol on foot or use a neighbor’s car, which minimizes the potential deterrent effect on criminals. Nothing says security like flashing lights.

Adding a mobile patrol to your Watch will have a much stronger effect. With a conspicuous car patrolling your neighborhood’s streets, criminals will be much less likely to attempt anything on your turf. In addition, we randomize patrols and make them harder to predict. If a criminal does try to pull off a surprise attack, they’re more likely to get caught in the act as a result. A mobile patrol can also respond quickly to calls for help.

The Limitations of the Neighborhood Watch

The only thing most Neighborhood Watch groups can do is call for help. Although some members may feel obligated to intervene in crimes, the National Neighborhood Watch Program actively discourages its members from carrying weapons and attempting to stop violent crimes in progress. This is where GoJoe Patrol armed security guards, hired by your neighborhood, could intervene to protect your community. 

While we encourage working with police as much as possible, there are times when private security is the best solution. Many police departments have to cover large territories, making it difficult to regularly patrol certain neighborhoods. Furthermore, they may prefer to position themselves where traffic violations can be easily caught rather than where violent crime might actually occur. Specific locations in your area may be prone to robberies or vandalism. On-site security, or a patrol that includes those locations, can greatly reduce the risk of crime and bolster neighborhood safety.

Security Guard Jobs Available for Watch Members

If you’re an active part of a Neighborhood Watch group and would like to do even more for your community, consider a career in private security. With training, you can receive a license to work as a private security guard. At GoJoe, we hire locally so that we can serve locally. We know that the best way to make sure our professionals serve the community is to actually hire people who have a vested interest in that community.

If your neighborhood needs an extra set of eyes, contact GoJoe Patrol today to learn more about our professional security services near you.

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