Gojoe Franchise Growth


Having invested years of hard work building GoJoe Patrol Security Services in the inland northwest, GoJoe Patrol is now expanding to become a franchise! Chief Development Officer and co-owner Harry Sladich has dreamt of making this move for years.

GoJoe Patrol, a Spokane Valley-based company, will be opening doors on the east side of the states. Franchisee, Derrick Kraft is opening a GoJoe branch in Fairfax county, Virginia, by the end of November. 

Although Fairfax County is some distance from Spokane, it is an ideal location for Security Services. Adjacent to Washington D.C., Fairfax County is home to a population twice the size of Spokane County. 

“Market conditions there,” Sladich says, “complement the company’s branding needs with an affluent workforce and robust business community.” Many local businesses there use private security, and there is a growing demand for more security services in the area. 

Working Towards a Dream

GoJoe first began considering franchising back in 2016. At the time, they realized that this move would be too expensive and time-consuming while Sladich was still employed full-time at Red Lions Hotel Corp. as executive president of sales, marketing, and distribution. 

“At the time, we learned that the commitment needed was too great,” says Sladich. “So, we decided to focus on the brand until the time was right.” After retiring from Red Lion, Sladich focused his time and energy on the security company’s franchise business. 

GoJo Patrol’s clients have grown over the years to now include nonprofits, colleges, and private homes and businesses for which the company provides anything from security guards, patrol services, mobile patrols, executive protection, and off-duty police. 

“When we decided to become a franchisor… we wanted to present a very unique model in the security industry,” says Sladich. GoJo Patrol doesn’t attempt to mimic the police but instead focuses on de-escalation and compassionate interactions. 

Co-owner Major Bambino, a retired Washington State Patrol officer, is head over their security training program for all of the franchise including 130 employees, a 15-vehicle fleet, and locations in Spokane Valley and Coeur d’Alene.

GoJoe’s ambition is to open 8 franchises a year, eventually totaling 60 altogether. They have received about 700 inquiries in recent months and are garnering nationwide interest. Nevertheless, they remain selective, “We need a good match more than we need to open a bunch of locations,” Sladich says. 

Franchising with GoJoe Patrol

Owning a franchise with GoJoe Patrol offers an incredible opportunity to impact your community in a positive way. Crime is not going away anytime soon. As long as that is the case, GoJoe can offer safety, protection, and help to communities who need it. 

You can positively impact your community by providing comprehensive security measures and improving future business ownership. GoJoe Patrol can help you along the way so that you will know where to start, how to maintain your business, where to find clients, and how to go the extra mile. You can request more info or give us a call today!

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