Three Risks of Hiring Under-Trained Security Guards

Business owners face many expenses and it can be tempting to hire under-trained security guards. When it comes to security, however, you want guards you can rely on as assets, but under-trained guards can be a liability instead. 

At GoJoe Patrol, our security guard training is second to none, and that’s because we know exactly what can happen if your guards aren’t ready for anything that could go wrong. It might seem like you’re saving money by hiring cheap guards with little training, but you’re actually taking on the following risks:

You’re Throwing Away Money

Poorly trained security guards can’t be relied upon. They may fall asleep on the job or skip rounds because they’re catching up on emails, studying for a degree in their “spare time,” or just want to text. These behaviors are natural to human beings: when we do the same job over and over and nothing bad ever seems to happen, we lose focus, get bored, and assume nothing bad ever will happen.

Great training teaches your security guards to overcome these natural human behaviors and maintain focus at all times. It’s important to remember, though, that it does take training to get there. If your guards aren’t trained and are sleeping, playing, studying, or chatting because things seem slow, why are you paying for them at all?

You’re Alienating Clients and Customers

Security guards walk a fine line, similar to the one that police officers have to walk; which is why the security field is such a good fit for many retired first responders, veterans, and law enforcement professionals. Good security guards have to project a professional and competent presence, signaling to bad actors – and to your clients and customers – that they’re watching and ready to respond.

At the same time, security guards have to be approachable and community-oriented. Whether it’s a client, one of your employees, or just a child on the street, if someone sees something concerning, you want them to feel confident in approaching your security guard. If a guard has such a “tough-guy” attitude that ordinary people don’t feel comfortable, your potential clients may walk away. Conversely, a guard who projects hesitancy and a lack of confidence invites trouble: and it’s not just the bad actors who can sense this. Your customers can, too, and they’ll seek help somewhere else, where they feel safer.

You’ve Increased Your Risk of Loss

The whole reason for hiring a security guard is to protect yourself from loss, but a poorly trained guard often cannot fully appreciate the consequences of his or her choices. Badly trained security “professionals” may not know enough about human nature and behavior to understand when their actions actually increase your risks instead of mitigating them.

This lack of training can manifest in risky behaviors like inviting friends over to “hang out” during shifts, leaving posts when things seem quiet, or getting into long discussions or arguments over irrelevant things with customers or passers-by. Any of these behaviors can make the area guards are supposed to be securing more vulnerable.

GoJoe Patrol Security Guard Training

At GoJoe, our guards are highly trained and reliable. We safely secure everything from manufacturing sites to local neighborhoods, non-profits to malls. We know that great training means reliable guards.

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