What Is Patrolling in Security?

Security services employ several tactics to keep criminals at bay. One of the most effective strategies is to have a security officer on patrol. Patrols discourage criminals, help officers stop crimes in progress, and encourage more interaction with the local community.

The Presence of a Security Officer

The purpose of a patrol is to make sure an officer is frequently seen in the patrol area. Often, just the presence of an officer is enough to keep criminals away. Thieves, for instance, often monitor an area for a day or two to determine whether it’s a good target for a robbery. If they frequently see a conspicuous mobile patrol car pass by, they’re more likely to move on to another location. 

Aren’t local police enough? We wouldn’t be here if that were true. Unfortunately, many local police departments prefer to camouflage their vehicles, mainly for the purpose of catching traffic violations. This minimizes their patrol impact. Furthermore, they often stay in one place, making it easy for criminals to target unsecured areas. Finally, there simply aren’t enough police in many cities to guarantee regular patrols in all areas of need.

On-Site Security

Even with patrol cars present, certain locations have a higher likelihood of being targets for robbery and other crimes. Convenience stores, for instance, are one of the most common locations for armed robbery. The best deterrent is an armed guard on location. Criminals often target convenience stores and gas stations due to the ease of escape and the expectation of minimal resistance. Armed guards level the playing field and send a clear message to criminals.

Larger buildings can benefit from foot patrols. Parking lots are another area where crimes are frequently committed. If your business has large lots, multiple entrances, or frequently moves valuable products, on-site security patrols are a great security solution. On-site officers can also work indoors to secure sensitive locations within your facilities. By randomizing patrols, we keep criminals on their toes and deter them from even considering your company as a target.

Local Patrols Work Better

We strongly believe that security is a community concern. Officers on patrol should be a part of the local community, a priority that has gone missing from many police departments today. Patrols from outsiders feel more like an invading force and reduce the bonds of trust that the community must have in order to feel safe. We’re bringing local security back by hiring the most qualified local officers.

Get a Local Security Solution

No two locations face the same crime problems. By working with local experts, it’s possible to tailor the response to the exact problems your community faces. The end result is a more effective patrol that has an impact far beyond crime reduction.

Patrolling is more than deterring crime: it’s an opportunity for officers to engage with the community and benefit everyone. With local professionals on patrol, not only is your property more secure, but you are also. To learn more about our security services, contact GoJoe Patrol today.

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