What Rules Do Private Armed Security Guards Have To Follow?

Large events and places where many people gather can sometimes be dangerous. For this reason, many organizations and individuals decide to hire private armed security guards who can deter crime and help ensure that nothing goes wrong. Today, we’ll discuss best practices for armed guards so you know what to expect the next time you work with one.

The main purpose of a security guard is to constantly be on the lookout and make their presence known in a non-threatening way.  We want to make sure events go well and to prevent disruptive incidents. Since every job is different, the requirements aren’t always identical, and a good guard adapts their strategy to the situation at hand. 

Remain Visible 

Visibility is a key part of on-site security, and it is the number one thing that deters crime. When armed guards are present, most criminals–who are opportunistic by nature–abandon their plans. Thus, the mere presence of guards can significantly reduce the number of robberies and violent incidents that occur.

In order for your guard to effectively deter crime at large events or on certain commercial sites, security personnel should be positioned in a prominent location.  This way, every event participant, customer, or employee can see them. GoJoe Patrol’s mobile patrol guards are uniformed and easily recognizable in clearly marked vehicles.

Always Follow Proper Procedure 

Before accepting a job, guards will review the safety procedures put in place. Although these vary slightly, they are likely to be similar in most locations. Prior to the event, GoJoe guards will coordinate with the event planner and ask for a chain of command and contact information for the on-site event.  

Respond Immediately 

Security professionals are trained in incident response, and they have been taught how to respond to emergency situations. The initial reaction of a security guard can make a massive difference in how a situation unfolds. This is why the most important tool any guard has is his or her verbal skills. If someone is violent, the first thing the armed guard will attempt to do is deescalate the situation. Often, this is enough to resolve the problem and keep everyone safe. 

Great security professionals know what their tasks are, but they are also aware of their limits. Within a few seconds, they can assess a situation and decide whether they should pursue emergency services. That way, you can be sure your home or commercial premises are safe.

Private security guards must follow guidelines that ensure the safety of those around them. Most importantly, they must remain visible to deter crime, follow proper procedures, and respond to incidents immediately. Contact us now at GoJoe Patrol to learn more about the armed and unarmed guards we provide. We’ll be happy to speak to you about your security needs.


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