What Training Should Security Guards Have?

type of training security guards should have

Security guards offer an extra layer of peace of mind that comes from knowing your neighborhood or business has the highest degree of protection. But security guards are only as good as the training that they have. Here are some of the different aspects of security guard training that you should look for when hiring security personnel.

Administrative and Organizational Skills

While organizational skills and record-keeping abilities aren’t the first thing that people think about when imagining what a security guard does, these skills are critical to the success of a security officer. The ability to accurately observe and record suspicious behavior is one of the fundamental duties of any security officer. Accurately organizing these records so that they can easily be brought up later is equally important.

Patrol Tactics Training

Being able to guard a fixed point, such as an entrance or gate, is important for a security guard, but providing a mobile security presence is also crucial. Many security guards are trained to provide exactly that by being able to patrol an area. Learning the proper techniques and skills for effectively patrolling any given premises is one essential component of becoming a good security guard.

Conflict De-Escalation

Over the course of their work, security guards may become involved in a number of situations where tensions are running high. Knowing how to handle angry, upset, or otherwise emotional people effectively is another essential tool in a security guard’s skill set. Being able to successfully calm down a situation that would otherwise get out of hand is something that any good security guard can do.

Armed Guard Firearm Training

Of course, not every dangerous situation facing security guards can be successfully de-escalated. If there is potential danger, having guards who are properly trained with a firearm can make all the difference. Even the presence of armed security can dissuade people who might otherwise commit harmful acts. It’s important that any armed guards you hire are thoroughly trained to avoid any dangerous accidents occurring.

How to React in an Emergency

Being able to keep calm and react appropriately in an emergency situation is another key skill for a security guard to have. Developing a detailed evacuation plan and being able to direct crowds to follow emergency directives are some of the skills a guard must develop. Security guards also serve as a liaison to emergency services, so good communication skills are also pivotal.

First Aid Skills

Often in the case of injury or other medical emergencies, security guards are among the first who can be on the scene to offer assistance. First aid training will be absolutely vital in these situations. Having CPR training and the ability to provide basic wound care are some of the skills that any security guard can benefit from training.

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