What you Should Search for in a Security Company

Security guards provide a necessary service for businesses and homeowners looking to prevent crime. But finding trustworthy security personnel to hire can be challenging. When you trust a company and its guards with the safety of property and people, you want to feel confident in your choice. Listed below are tips for finding and hiring quality security guards.

1. Check Their Company History and Reputation

To find a legitimate security patrol officer, you’ll need to find a reputable security company such as GoJoe Patrol. While some solo operators are competent professionals, it’s better not to risk your assets by hiring an independent security contractor. When you hire a guard through an established company, you know that your guard will have been properly vetted and is both held to the company’s standards as well as insured.

Look for a company that has built a solid reputation in your community, has been around for a significant period of time, and has good reviews. At GoJoe Patrol, our guards embody our company’s promise to provide security solutions that set a higher standard.

2. Expect Professionalism During Every Interaction

Don’t settle for security officers who act as if they rolled out of bed five minutes before your event, or administrative or dispatch employees who act as if your calls and requests are a bother. Pay close attention to how a company and its guards behave during your early interactions with them. Companies will always treat you the best when you are looking to hire: they are pursuing your business. If your interactions begin poorly, you can count on the fact that they will not improve.

GoJoe Patrol officers understand the importance of treating everyone with professionalism and respect. That’s why our team returns your calls quickly, responds to triggered alarms immediately, and goes the extra mile to help our clients and the community we serve. We know that when we are on the job, we represent your business, so we conduct ourselves in a way that reflects positively on you.

3. Ask About Their Training and Licensing

The state your home or business is in will determine whether your guard must be licensed or if they will only need to complete training through their employer. Armed and unarmed security are also subject to different regulations, and you’ll need to ensure your patrol officer is qualified for the appropriate role. Talk to the security company about the licenses and qualifications their officers must have, and find out what additional training the company has their guards complete.

Some common types of training that GoJoe Patrol guards complete are conflict de-escalation, first aid, firearm, emergency preparedness, and patrol tactics. This training means that no matter what dangerous event occurs, our guards have the knowledge and skill to manage the situation, whether that means neutralizing a threat, evacuating a building, or performing first aid.

Trust your home and business to security guards who will exceed your expectations. Whatever your security needs are, we can help. Give GoJoe Patrol a call today to discuss security solutions that will benefit you.

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