When Should You Choose An Unarmed Security Guard?

when to choose unarmed security

As security becomes more of an issue across the United States, an increasing number of businesses and private people decide to hire help. But while an armed guard can be extremely effective, you don’t always need someone who carries weapons. Today, we will examine how an unarmed security guard can help and when you should hire one.

Safety risks are increased whenever many people gather together in the same space – for example at schools, churches, and event spaces. Working with a good security team keeps everyone protected and reduces the risk of criminal activity. But while armed guards provide maximum safety, it isn’t always practical to hire them. Sometimes, an unarmed guard is enough.

If you don’t expect a high level of violent crime in your area, you could benefit from hiring a guard who doesn’t carry weapons. The main benefit of such professionals is that they are the more cost-effective option, but there are also additional advantages. For instance, unarmed people always appear less threatening, helping local residents feel more comfortable with a guard who doesn’t carry weapons.

Deterring Crime in Low-Risk Areas 

Most residential homes and small event spaces are considered fairly low risk. There might be issues with burglaries or vandalism, but violent crime that puts people’s lives at risk is rare in most neighborhoods. If you want to protect your building but aren’t anticipating significant problems, an unarmed guard could be a good choice because their presence increases incident detection by around 50%, thus deterring many criminals from attempting to enter your building.

How Else Can You Remain Safe? 

As well as hiring a security guard, you could consider other methods of keeping your building and its inhabitants safe. Often, 24/7 surveillance isn’t necessary, especially if a good alarm system is in place. You can work with GoJoe to set up your property’s security system and link it to our rapid alarm response services. That way, you’ll know someone is on their way as soon as there is a problem.

For additional peace of mind, we can offer you mobile patrol services, which circulate your neighborhood or area and deter criminals. We use the most up-to-date GPS technology to protect your property and the local residents.

Because most neighborhoods, schools, and churches are at low risk of violent crime, hiring an unarmed guard could be a good idea. Get in touch with us at GoJoe Patrol in Spokane, WA to speak to one of our experts and find out how we can help protect your home or business. We will be happy to provide you with more information about our services and discuss the advantages of armed and unarmed guards.

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