Get to know Joe

What can we say about Joe? Well, first off, he’s smart. He loves technology. He cares for the environment. He knows how to run a tight ship. And most importantly, he really hates the idea of low-life thieves messing with your property.

The way we were

Joe grew up in a better, simpler time. Every week, Ward Cleaver, Andy Griffith and "Father Knows Best" showed America the right way to live. Be honest. Look out for others. Don't do things that will hurt other people. Be respectful. Be kind.

Joe grew up riding his Stingray and playing board games like Clue and Chinese Checkers. At school, he recited the Pledge of Allegiance and if he got in trouble, it was detention and a hack from the vice principal. Joe learned the difference between right and wrong.

No turning back

As much as he'd like to, Joe knows he can't bring back the "Leave it to Beaver" times of the '50s and '60s. But he and his team can bring some security to this very different world.

Life isn’t always fair. But Joe will do everything he can to balance the security scales in your favor.

Joe Silhouette