Why Is a Fast Alarm Response So Important?

Many people who opt to install a security system in their homes or businesses feel they’ve taken care of their property safety needs and call it good. However, when the alarm goes off in the early morning hours and they wake up to an alarm sounding off or get a phone call from a monitoring company, they suddenly wonder if there was something more they should have done to protect their families, homes, businesses, and property. If you are in this situation, this is not the time you want to be asking yourself that question. Instead, take action now and arrange to have an alarm response service, such as GoJoe Patrol, as part of your security plan.

When your property and personal safety are at risk, you don’t want to be in the position of having to wait for help to arrive. Every minute your property is without security or police presence in an emergency is more time for someone to harm your family or personnel, for your property to be stolen or vandalized, or for fire or another disaster to cause further damage. When it comes to your security system alarm going off, don’t place the responsibility for responding to the emergency on your own shoulders. You will have enough to worry about if the alarm is sounding. Instead, call in professionals.  

When you have a professionally trained team responding to alarms immediately, you can feel confident knowing you and your property are in trustworthy hands. An alarm response service will coordinate with your alarm company and monitor your property, allowing you to feel safe not only while you are on your property, but even when you are not around late at night or even if you are out of town. 

Reasons to Choose GoJoe Patrol for Your Security Needs

Nonstop Protection: Criminals and disasters don’t work on a set schedule, so you don’t know what hour of day or night you need to be vigilant. It is simply too exhausting for you to stay on your toes 24/7, but an entire security team at your disposal that works round the clock changes the security picture entirely. 

At GoJoe, we work with a wide range of alarm monitoring companies already, and we will work with whatever alarm service you use. And when we get the call when your alarm sounds, we are ready to dispatch our security patrol officers within seconds. They will go to your site in record time, in well-marked GoJoe security vehicles, and you can be sure our officers are trained and ready for whatever they may find on-site.

Since we work for you, we can work with whatever protocol you want when it comes to notifying you and making decisions on the scene. We’ll treat your property as if it were ours, and make sure you, your staff or family, and your property are protected.

Advanced Technology: Our dispatchers have the capability to monitor your establishment’s security system at all times. We use the most up-to-date equipment and methods for maximum effectiveness. Our patrol cars have GPS interfaces to help us pinpoint where your alarm is being activated, and all cars are outfitted with cameras to record events as they unfold, which can be later used as evidence. 

Mobile Patrols: If you use our mobile patrol services, your property is protected even before would-be criminals get a chance to trip an alarm. We conduct sporadic property checks and put our eyes directly on your property, making any trouble-makers look for an easier target. A consistent security presence lets any loitering individuals know that you take security seriously.

You don’t need to spend another minute searching for a security service to protect your home, family, business, or staff. Whether you need alarm response, neighborhood patrols, event security, or building security, our team can do the job. GoJoe is dedicated to keeping our greater Spokane community and our clients safe. Our clients will vouch for the professionalism and competence of our highly-trained, ethical, and trustworthy staff. Give GoJoe Patrol a call today and don’t spend another night worrying about whether you’ve done enough.

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